The Top 7 Tips You Need to Know to Stay Safe on A Forklift


When operating a forklift, you should know that this isn’t something that just anyone can do. You need to have the proper training to operate this piece of machinery. You can think about it like if you were driving a car without a license – this isn’t safe for you or anyone else on the road. The same applies to a forklift. You need to know how to operate this machine before you start. This includes knowing and following the proper safety tips like the ones that we’re going to go through down below. Keep reading to learn some more.

  1. Examine the Forklift Before Each Use

    One of the most important pieces of advice that we have when it comes to operating a forklift is that you should examine each forklift in operation before each use. This will ensure that you do not operate a forklift that’s in need of maintenance or any repairs. This could be dangerous for you and anyone else in the proximity of the forklift.

  2. Forklifts Are Operated a Bit Differently from Other Vehicles

    Did you know that forklifts are driven from the rear? Rather than the front of the vehicle? This means that you need to do some practice rounds before you actually operate the forklift in any actual capacity. You wouldn’t want to get into a situation where you didn’t know how to steer the forklift and end up getting in an accident.

  3. Never Leave a Forklift Unattended When It’s Operating

    One of the biggest safety hazards that can happen when it comes to operating a forklift is leaving it unattended when it’s still in operation. Leaving the keys in the ignition of a forklift can lead to some dangerous situations. Make sure to always turn the vehicle off and leave it in designated areas whenever you are done with operation. This is a common piece of education in any forklift certification course.

  4. Never Exceed the Lifting Capacity of The Forklift You Are Operating

    You should never ever exceed the lifting capacity of your forklift with what you’re trying to transport. This is one of the most dangerous things that you can get yourself into when operating a forklift. If you exceed this limit, you could endanger the balance of your forklift and end up in an accident. Make sure to read the user’s manual to understand what the loading capacity is and never go over that limit.

  5. There Need to Be Designated Roadways for The Forklifts at Work Sites

    Another safety tip that you should know about when operating forklifts in a business is that there should always be designated roadways for forklifts. If you are an employer or owner of a warehouse, make sure that these roadways are obvious to those walking around. That way, everyone will be able to know where forklifts are coming from and watch out so no collisions happen.

  6. Forklifts Have to Be Refueled at Designated Fueling Stations

    Along with designated roadways, there need to be designated fueling stations for forklifts to be refueled at. Of course, make sure that the keys are out of the ignition and the forklift is completely off before you fuel up.

  7. Make Sure to Carefully Park Those Forklifts That Aren’t in Operation

    The parking brake needs to be applied whenever the forklift is in the off position and is stowed away. This will ensure that it’s not going to move until the next time that it needs to be used.

And there you have it! Each of these safety tips are super important for you to keep in mind as you are operating a forklift or if you have employees who are operating forklifts.

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