Hyderabadi / Nizami Food Festival at Marriott


The Marriott at Whitefield is currently hosting a culinary festival – The Lost Cuisine of Nizams from May 15 till May 25.

We were invited last week for a taste, and tried several items, and overall loved how the menu was curated to appeal to both hard-core non-vegetarians and vegetarians.

Here are some of the food items on offer.

The menu

The menu

Before I go further with this post, just want to excuse the poor coloring on the images in this post. The lighting in the restaurant was dim, and colored in a funny purple way, lending an odd hue to the color of the dishes that I just could not fix beyond a point.

So with that disclaimer done, let’s move on to the food.

There were two different soups – one for veggies and one for non-vegetarians. Snubnose enjoyed a very flavorful tomato and prawn soup, which she absolutely loved. There were generous helpings of prawn mixed in with the broth.

The tomato and prawn soup

The tomato and prawn soup

I tried the veg option – Makai aur Badami (almond and corn) soup, which was deliciously thick and filling.

Among the appetizers, there were different types of tikki – Arbi Aur Channa Ki Tikki, Subz Tarkari Tikki, and Nawabi Paneer Tikka. All the three variants were good – a bit on the spicy side, but hey, we are talking Hyderabadi food here, so spice is definitely expected.

The Nawabi paneer tikka

The Nawabi paneer tikka

For the non-vegetarians, there was a haleem stall, which they absolutely raved over. The stall offered different toppings such as caramelized onions, fried eggs, and many others – a haven for meat-lovers.

There were two other appetizers as well – the Pather Ki Ghost and Machi Ki Shammi – both of them also received plaudits from the non-vegetarians at our table.

For the main course, there were different types of biryanis.

We tried the paneer pista korma and a dry potato sabzi with the biryani and some naan. I have to say it was heavenly. The paneer in a pista gravy was something unusual but it was deliciously creamy and yes very heavy on the tummy.

My favorite was the dry aloo. This is a very simple and humble dish, but so many restaurants get it wrong trying to fancy it up. Thankfully the chefs at Marriott stuck to the essence of this dish providing some crunch and heft to the biryani.

By now, I was literally groaning, my tummy was still full.

Still Snubnose and I managed to share a plate of dessert.

Our dessert plate

Our dessert plate

The highlight of the dessert was the crumbly paper-like traditional Andhra sweet – the pothregalu (I hope I am spelling it right). I have tried this many times, but I think the Marriott has the best version of it I have ever tasted.

Other sweets on offer were a beetroot halwa, double ka meetha, cham cham, and Mysore pak. All these sweets were good, but to me the pothregalu was the star.

Overall, it’s another fab dining experience hosted by the ever-consistent Marriott, and I highly urge you to check this place and the festival out (especially if you are a fan of Andhra food). It’s also a wonderful place for vegetarians – with veg options a plenty, you will be spoiled for choice.

Event details:

Where: M Cafe, Bengaluru Marriott Whitefield
When: May 15- 25, 2017
Timings: 7 PM to 10:30 PM
Price: Rs. 2200 (without alcohol) and Rs. 3200 (with alcohol)
Dining Style: Hyderabadi Cuisine
Contact for Booking: +91 4943 5000

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  • BethFishReads

    Sounds like a great event. I like spicy so I bet I’d like this food. Nice that there were both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, too. I’ve never had pothregalu — In fact, I’ve never heard of it. I’ll have to do some investigation because it make it sound so great.

    • Nishita

      @BethFishReads:disqus It’s a fairly obscure dessert. It’s one of those home-made things that never used to be served at restaurants – especially high-end places. So, it was a pleasant surprise to see it served.

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