A Toony Brunch with Nickelodeon and JW Marriott


JW Marriott does a regular Sunday brunch at their property on Vittal Mallya Road in Bangalore, and it’s quite a nice brunch. However, last weekend, the brunch was a tad extra-special thanks to the intervention of Nickelodeon.

Nickelodeon India – the TV channel that has spawned the likes of Motu Patlu, Pakdam Pakdai, and Shiva organizes plenty of live events across India giving kids the opportunity to mingle with their favorite cartoon characters and generally have fun with Nickelodeon outside of the house as well.

Last weekend, Nickelodeon partnered with JW Marriott for their Sunday brunch, and we just couldn’t resist the opportunity to have a go-see. We have attended past Nick events with my daughter Snubnose, but this was Piglet’s first time, and he was super-excited when I mentioned all his favorite cartoon characters would be there to meet him.

Normally, lunches at big-name hotels are a sedate and formal affair, but thanks to Nickelodeon’s intervention, the entire place looked so festive. Plus, the place was packed – chock full of kids doing art at the art table, getting the balloon guy to blow them the fanciest balloons. There were also plenty of ride-ons, scooties, even a bow and arrow, and golfing section for the bigger kids.

Piglet loved the nautical bouncy castle, and was pretty much bouncing with his new-found friends the entire time.

Whooping it up on the bouncy castle

Whooping it up on the bouncy castle

After bouncing for a bit, he did the rounds of all the play centers. He particularly loved the balloon guy who seemed to be able to fulfil the most extraordinary balloon requests – a dinosaur balloon? Sure. How about a rocket? Why not? An elephant balloon? No problemo. Piglet made multiple balloon requests and was quite stunned that this guy could apparently blow any type of balloon.

Piglet and his elephant balloon

Piglet and his elephant balloon

Contrary to his frown in the photo above, he actually loved his elephant balloon, and it kept him entertained for the rest of the day.

K and I settled down at an outside table enjoying the fresh air and the sight of our kids having a blast at the different play centers.

The scene

The scene

JW Marriott offers humongous buffet options.

Food options at the Sunday brunch

Food options at the Sunday brunch

The kids were too excited to eat very much. They spent their time playing for the most part only coming to the table once in a while for some nibbles.

It was a good thing that there was an extremely kid-friendly food table, allowing for full tummies in spite of all the distractions.

There was a decent amount of activity for the older kids like Snubnose as well. She spent some time honing her archery and golfing skills – have been noticing for some time that she’s good at games that require a good aim.

The highlight of the afternoon for Piglet was getting to romp with the cartoon characters he loved.

With Shaun the Sheep, and Pakdam Pakdai

With Shaun the Sheep, and Pakdam Pakdai

He wanted to be clicked with them at the same level and so K had to take him on his shoulders for the shot – and hence the so-sheepish expressions on K 🙂 .

So anyway, that sums up our awesome brunch with Nickelodeon and JW Marriott.

We loved our experience there, and I think it’s a great idea that Nickelodeon organizes these events now and then to get the kids to have some outdoor fun as well.

This weekend though, they are going to be stuck to their screens watching the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards 2017 being telecast on 12th March, 6pm onwards only on Nick HD+. The show will feature celebrity guests, musical acts, live entertainment and SLIME stunts. Fun!

If you have small kids who are Nick TV fans, here are the details for the show:

Channel: Nick HD+
Show: Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards 2017
Tune in: 12th March, 2017 at 6 PM

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  • claudialynn

    Gosh, we should have that sort of event at our Marriott. Looks like you all had a good time.

    • Nishita

      @claudialynn:disqus It was a great time. We always hesitate to go out as a family to the more fancy places as I just can’t predict how well the kids will behave. But this was a great opportunity to get out as a family.

  • BethFishReads

    This sounds like a super event for the family — great food for the adults and a fun, fun time for the kids. Love those sheep cupcakes!

    • Nishita

      @BethFishReads:disqus they look very nice, but cloyingly sweet. Strictly for kids only!

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