Seven Types of Injuries and Their Settlement Claims


No one wants to be injured in an accident. Especially when that accident comes because of someone else’s negligence. Whether it be a car accident or any other kind of accident, this is going to cost you in terms of your financial, physical, and mental well-being.

That’s why you should be as educated as possible when it comes to the types of injuries you can have and their respective settlement claims. That way you can be aware of how much compensation you are due for your pain and suffering. If you’re looking for a Riverside injury attorney, read on to learn more about what kind of compensation you can get through a settlement.

  1. Soft Injuries

    When looking at car accidents, soft injuries are the most common types of injuries. They include things like a sprained neck, sprained knees, back spasms, etc. These types of injuries only affect soft tissue and muscle, hence the name “soft injuries”.

    When looking at settlement amounts, you are not likely to get a large compensation for soft injuries because they are normally seen as non-life threatening and generally do not cause that much pain and suffering. In addition, soft injuries are very subjective and you cannot prove how bad they actually are.

  2. Head Injuries

    When looking at other types of injuries, we start in the hard injury category. The first item in this category is with head injuries. These are more severe and will give you a large amount in the settlement process because they can seriously impact your physical and mental health. Because of your head injury you may be experiencing recurring headaches, concussions, and dizziness.

    Insurance companies will try to settle with you quickly and with a large amount because they know that the longer they wait, the more likely it is that a more serious diagnosis will be reached. Head injuries are more likely than other injuries to get worse and seriously impact your health.

  3. Broken Bones

    Whenever you find a broken bone thanks to the help of an X-ray machine, this is when your injury settlement will start to increase. The exact amount, however, will depend on how serious the broken bone is and how much it affects your quality of life. For example, if you’re stuck in a wheel chair for the next month because of a broken leg, that has a serious impact on your life. On the other hand, if you have a fracture in your hand that only requires a strong wrap, your life is not impacted so much, lowering your settlement amount.

  4. Wounds and Scars

    Wounds that result in scars because of stitching could increase your possible settlement amount because of any physiological or financial damage it caused. You will have to prove this in order to get that increase in the settlement. For example, if there’s a large scar on your arm because of an accident, you may feel embarrassed or emotionally scarred when walking out in public. This is an example of physiological damage. Or if you are a professional model and have an obvious scar on your leg, this could hurt your potential income in the future.

  5. Torn Ligaments, Separated Muscles, And Joint Dislocation

    Simply because these types of injuries sound more painful, the settlement is going to be a lot more than other injuries. Because of the painful nature of these types of tears, the judge and the jury are going to award a higher settlement.

  6. Spinal Injury

    When it comes to last type of injury, this one is going to have the most impact on your quality of life. By injuring your spine, your ability to walk properly, think properly, or just live your life like normal is going to be affected. This obviously will increase your settlement a great amount in the court of law.

When it comes to the injuries you can sustain, there are so many out there. That means that the amount you can earn in a settlement will vary tremendously based on the severity of one of those injuries.

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