Things To Buy Your Kids For Their Shared Bedroom


As children grow up, they want to exercise their sense of individuality, develop their personality, and explore their interests, and they tend to want their own space to do it in. It can be tricky, therefore, when they have to share their bedroom with a sibling.

It’s common for many families, and it’s a totally normal and healthy way for children to grow up. They learn a lot about compromise, respecting other people’s privacy, and also about keeping things to themselves. There are difficulties, though, and it’s important to acknowledge them and try to make things easier, and there are even a few things you can buy which can help. If your kids have to share a room, don’t despair, just keep on reading for some great ideas for what to buy to help keep the peace.

  • A room divider
    When considering the needs of your children, privacy comes pretty high up the list. Privacy is vital to people of any age, and it can be a real point of conflict in youngsters sharing a bedroom. If you’re using twin beds, using a room divider such as a curtain or ornate screen allows each child to define their half of the room, but also enables them to spend time alone and get dressed without feeling self-conscious.
  • Bed curtains
    If your children share a bunk bed, consider adding a wire rail and fabric around the perimeter of the bunks so that they’re able to separate their space from the rest of the room, if they wish. This even works on double or triple bunks for kids, and allows them to enjoy their privacy without having their own bedroom. Adding a wall reading lamp to each bunk enables them to read or hang out in their bedroom without feeling like they’re being watched, and they can block out the main light of the bedroom if they choose to go to sleep early. It really creates the sense of a room within a room.
  • Little trinkets and decorations
    It’s important that children can personalize sections of their shared room and express their interests and individuality. Taking them shopping for artwork to display in their area, as well as fairy lights, bunting, and trinkets which allow them to create a room which is more personal to them. It’s best to try to ensure each kid has the same amount of space and number of things, as conflicts over breach of space can arise.
  • Personal shelving and storage
    Giving them their own closet, or half of the closet, is only the first step. In order to allow them to display their personal belongings in an ordered fashion, without letting the inevitable clutter get out of hand, why not buy them their own personal shelves? On them, they can keep books they particularly love, interesting ornaments, and anything else they like. Giving them personal shelves allows them their own space which is equal, so conflict doesn’t arise, but helps to ensure they can express their individuality too.

Sharing a bedroom can be a really formative experience for youngsters, and it’s a really useful experience in compromise and sharing as they’re growing up. It can have its difficulties, though, so buying a few things to encourage privacy and individuality can keep conflict at bay so all kids involved can enjoy the experience.

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