Fabelle Chocolates now at ITC Windsor


Fabelle Chocolates – one of the most celebrated luxury chocolate brands in the country, launched its latest gourmet chocolate boutique in the city at ITC Windsor.

As part of the launch activity, the folks from ITC Windsor arranged an elegant musical soiree, which was paired with the most sumptuous dessert plates – four courses of pre-plated creations, made from single-origin chocolate sourced from Venezuela, Ghana, Ecuador and Madagascar.

K and I went for the launch, and had a great time sampling all the desserts, while listening to some lovely instrumental music performed by a group from Russia. This trio of girls – one on the saxophone, one on the flute, and one on the keyboards performed some really harmonious music from some of my favorite musicians – James Brown, Irving Berlin, and even a little Bach.

I can’t think of a more relaxing evening – sitting by the poolside, eating chocolates, and listening to some good music.

The beautiful setting of ITC Windsor

The beautiful setting of ITC Windsor

And now I talk about all that we ate and drank.

Warning, if you are a chocoholic like me, keep a tissue at hand, you will definitely be drooling at the sight of these desserts 🙂 .

And if you are wondering, what about the food? Well, this was a meal where the dessert itself was the food. So, apart from a little starter cheese and wine, all we ate were desserts.

First up, was the delicious Ghana milk chocolate mousse with caramel and banana crème.

Ghana milk chocolate mousse with caramel and banana creme

Ghana milk chocolate mousse with caramel and banana creme

I tucked into this with great relish. I am always a fan of caramel mixed in with chocolate, so this rich gooey dessert was right up my alley.

The next plate that came along was a plate of chocolate cups – macchiato, sweet and salted caramel, and a triple chocolate cup.

The chocolate cups prettily presented

The chocolate cups prettily presented

This was my favorite of all the dishes. And the next time I visit Fabelle Chocolates, I’d definitely pick the sweet and salted caramel cups, they were utterly divine.

The next serving was a plate of different types of ganache made from fine cocoa from Ghana and Ivory Coast.

The ganache and wine

The ganache and wine

The creamy milk ganache was my favorite, and I was thrilled when I saw it included in the goodie bag that I brought home after the event. Unfortunately for my taste buds though, Piglet loved the ganache and polished off the entire box within the next two days 🙁 .

By now I was fully stuffed with chocolate, and it was getting to be a bit of an overdose. Thankfully, the staff at ITC Windsor realized this, and gave us all a break by serving us a cup of mint julep.

The mint julep

The mint julep

The frozen mint julep was the ultimate palate cleanser. And when the hot chocolate arrived, I was so ready for it. So ready, that I missed taking a photo.

By the end of the evening, it was getting a bit chilly, so I greedily grabbed the hot chocolate to warm myself up, and then proceeded to bid our farewells from our lovely hosts at ITC Windsor.

Overall, tasting these fabulous chocolates was an eye-opener for me.

Fabelle Chocolates with its excellent varieties of chocolates and impeccable timing (opening just ahead of Valentine’s Day) should do really well with its chocolate offerings.

After all, chocolate is music for the soul.

Here are some details on what chocolates you can buy from the Fabelle boutique:

Fabelle offers a range of exquisite chocolate creations such as Fabelle Elements – intricately crafted pralines inspired by the elements of nature, Fabelle Ganache – velvety soft cubes of exotic cocoas delicately churned with butter & fresh cream, Fabelle As You Like It – personalized chocolate cup creations offering myriad possibilities of fillings and toppings, Fabelle Single Origin Cacoas – single origin bars, crafted using cocoa from 6 different countries (Madagascar, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Ecuador, Sao Tome and Ghana), and Fabelle Gianduja – recreation of an Italian delicacy from the Napoleon era fashioned with infusion of hazelnuts into rich, creamy milk chocolate.

The chocolate boutiques also provide a range of exquisitely crafted desserts and cocoa beverages, created live by Fabelle Master Chocolatiers. Ask at the boutiques about custom gifting options for different occasions.

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  • Tina

    You really know how to live! I love the wine and chocolate, it’s always awelcome in our home. Your photo is lovely!

    • Nishita

      @disqus_DUoYhB6Y9m:disqus Thank you so much! Bangalore, where I live is quite a foodie’s paradise with a huge amount of restaurants at all price points. Trying out different types of foodie experiences is a regular pastime with people living here.

  • BethFishReads

    Oh gosh, I”m not sure which I like the best. Sounds like a fabulous event. I might have to up my chocolate game for Valentine’s day!

  • I love love love chocolate! Sounds like you had a great time!

    • Nishita

      @VickiSN:disqus I love chocolate too, am a total chocoholic. Have to admit that after this dinner, I stayed away for more than a week 🙂

  • What a great night! This is the perfect post for Chocolate Lovers Month! I got a lot of pleasure from your photos, and used my imagination to enjoy the various courses without any calories! I gave up candy from New Year’s Day to Valentine’s Day, so I’m looking forward to having some chocolate on February 14th!

    • Nishita

      @baystateRA:disqus Having abstained for so long, I am sure it would have been doubly sweet when you got to indulge on Valentine’s Day. Hope you had a great time!

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