Things to do Before Buying a car in India


The decision to buy a new car is often one of the most important decisions of our adult lives. There is a fair bit of thinking and planning that goes into executing this momentous plan. However, when undertaking said comparison between cars, we often undermine and ignore certain requirements. Rather than have buyer’s remorse at a later date, it makes sense to choose right the first time around. Listed here are ten things you can do to make sure that you always walk away with the best available deal.

  1. Research, Research, Research

    Compare cars, this is the best and easiest way to stay informed and avoid making any decisions that you might regret later. What are the best offerings from Ford India, what about the Fortuner’s price? Who wins the Duster vs Terrano confrontation? Being prepared isn’t just a cool Scouts motto, but also something that works if you are a prospective car buyer.

  2. Choose Wisely

    Understand your requirement clearly and choose wisely. If you are a family, and need a car that best suits the family’s traveling requirements, then a SUV, or a very small hatchback wouldn’t be the best options. Your car isn’t just a reflection of who you are as a person, but must serve the practical purposes for which it was purchased. Thus, choose wisely.

  3. What’s your Budget?

    Know your flexibility when it comes to the budget. If you are a cost-conscious person than those damn expensive BMW and Jaguar cars are definitely out. Do also consider maintenance costs and fuel charges – an unavoidable money pit when it comes to cars. However, the biggest consideration is depreciation – the single biggest expense incurred when you buy a car. Understand that your brand new investment will start losing money the second it rolls out of the dealership and that when you eventually sell the car, the selling price will not even be in the same ballpark per your expectations.

  4. How about the Car Loan?

    Explore car loan options that is in line with your requirements. Never settle for the first available option, as most of the new car buyers are used to doing. Almost all banks and other private financial institutions offer car loans at attractive interest rates, and comfortable repayment tenures. However, do make sure first hand that you have a strong CIBIL score that wouldn’t be rejected when you go car loan shopping.

  5. Bargain and Negotiate

    While at the dealership, look for freebies, discounts and bargains. An expensive purchase will be tagged along with many incentives from the dealerships, but you can explore further and request for more. In a market that is high on retaining customers, you will very often find little resistance from the concerned dealership. Try!!

Like we said before, when it comes to comparing cars in India, the options available are innumerable. You have to understand your specific requirements and choose the best option that fits your budget perfectly. Also, make sure you know your auto parts before deciding on a car. Taking your time, researching the hell out of the process, valuing second opinions and expert outlooks while being assured in your decision-making abilities will ensure that you walk away from the dealership with the best car that money can buy.

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