Seven Surprisingly Low Budget Home Decor Ideas


Sometimes you can look at your house and wonder how you can make it look a lot nicer than it does. Or give it just a bit of a spruce that will impress your guests.

But then you look at your bank account and sigh. There’s just not enough in there for a big home renovation. So, you go back to your day and continue to day dream.

However, what if I told you there are a ton of low-budget home decor ideas out there to make your home look fantastic? No matter if it’s just a bit of carpet cleaning or adding some more pops of color around the house, the below items are sure to work with your budget.

  1. Hang an Interior Curtain in The Kitchen.
    This is a really cute idea if you’re looking to add something in your house that not many other houses are utilizing. You can add an interior curtain on a slider in your kitchen to have a makeshift doorway between the kitchen and your dining or living room.

    If you don’t want your guests or family members to see the mess you’re making in the kitchen for dinner, you can just pull the curtain and you’ll be able to keep with the illusion that everything is going just fine in there! Plus, you can use a curtain with a pop of color to give your home a bit more personality.

  2. Don’t Worry About Matching Your Bedding.
    Matching is so last year. Don’t even worry about matching much in your house! It’s all about having colors and patterns that complement each other in a way that’s aesthetically pleasing.

    This goes with your bedding, as well. Something that you can do that can be pretty affordable is to buy basic white sheets for the bed. Then go around to various antique shops and other affordable stores to find blankets and pillows of various patterns to add in the personality.

  3. Add Some Eclectic Antiques Around the House.
    Antiques are fantastic ways to add more personality and fun conversation pieces to your house. Plus, they can be pretty cheap if you become a master at antique shopping! Just head over to your local antique shop (or shops!) and get shopping. Just make sure the piece doesn’t clash with any other items in the room.
  4. Find A Less Expensive Piece of Furniture and Paint It White.
    This is the ultimate DIY that will make your home look a lot fancier than it actually might be. You can easily find a piece of furniture from an antique or hand-me-down store and paint it white to make it bring some extra brightness into your room. And this can be done with pretty much any piece of furniture that doesn’t look great in its original finish!
  5. Hang Plates on The Wall to Make an Art Piece.
    This is a cute idea if you’re looking to do something original in your home. You can easily buy some cheap plates from the store across the street, paint them various colors that complement your color scheme, and hang them on one wall. And bam! You automatically have an art piece that all of your friends will admirable, while you stand back and think about all of the money you saved.
  6. Throw Around Some Bright Colors.
    Bright accent colors can do wonders for your house and for pretty affordable prices! You can buy some bright flowers in neutral flower vases to place around the house. Or a couple of pillows here and there that add an extra pop of color. The world is your oyster!
  7. Mix and Match Your Dining Room Chairs.
    For your dining room chairs, don’t feel boxed in with the idea of matching everything. Your dining room chairs can definitely be mixed and matched with various types of chairs, patterns, and colors. Just don’t go too overboard or you may overwhelm your guests.
  8. Your home is like the easel for an artist. Even if you’re on a budget, that shouldn’t stop you from making a masterpiece! There are plenty of ways out there (as explained above) for you to use your creativity and make your home beautiful on a budget.

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