Five Tips for Budget Friendly Summer Home Renovation


There is never really a cheap time to make some much needed renovations to your home. You’re more likely to add “breaking the bank” to the list of things that need to be fixed. Competitive markets don’t necessarily mean the end to some of your renovation needs.

It’s possible with a strict budget to be able to get a lot done without spending too much. There’s no tricks or gimmicks, just a handful of tips to help guide you to accomplish all, if not most of yours tasks this summer. Put on your construction hats ladies and gentlemen, here are 5 tips for budget friendly summer home renovations.

  1. Landscaping
    You will find even the most average of houses can look breathtaking by the quality of landscape work done on the property. Since vision is critical to an appealing home, its only right that you pay special attention to house the look based on “curbside appeal”.

    Your home is a representation of you and your family. Having it in great shape could land you up to 28% higher on resale opportunities. Apart from that, it is incredibly cheap to obtain. Depending on how elaborate you want it, much of the work can be done by yourself. It’s only required to hire professionals if the work is a major uphaul.

    But work like: installing garden beds and flowers, growing grass, weeding, removal of brush and unwanted shrubbery. It can easily be done with limited to know added help.

  2. Power Wash Clean

    Believe it or not, a coat of paint sometimes isn’t the answer. Most times it’s not the paint fading and becoming dull. It’s dirt and grime from all the elements. A beautiful layer of paint is just under all that dirt. What’s a cheap way to bring your home back from a dull façade? Power Washing.

    With cheap options from rentals to consumer models at local hardware stores. No license is needed to operate it. Means you don’t have to be a pro. All it takes is some electricity, a ladder, and a garden hose. With the powerful pressure within the nozzle, you can deep clean the entire house, porch, deck, cement, shutters, and gutters. Even after a few runs, the noticeable difference will amaze you. Saving you tons on a professional or new paints.

  3. Clean Your AC Unit
    You AC got a much-needed break after the previous summer. But unfortunately, over the winter and spring its collected dust, debris, and dirt. Its only smart to optimize you AC unit to get the maximum quality out of it.

    If you smell anything bad, which is a sign of mold and mildew, then it’s time to contact the professional like at, Calgary Air Conditioning.

    Otherwise, simple actions can be made like replacing old filters, and vacuuming up all the dust and debris from the unit and coils. Do this even before you turn it on for the first time. Or you risk damage to the unit by having all that junk be pushed into the system.

  4. DIY Work
    It doesn’t take adept knowledge to handle the most basic of DIY work. With the help of step by step tutorials from online outlets and some tools, you’ll be amazed at all you can accomplish without spending a high price tag.

    Pinterest, YouTube, Instructables, offer detailed DIY information on a variety of subjects. Search on these outlets for any job you’re looking to get done around the house. Rarely is information free, but those who have the knowledge and willing to pass it down for free should be a gift for you.

  5. Little Creative Updates
    Not all renovations have to be as extreme as adding an addition, or building a deck. A lot of renovations can be little and well done without the need for spending a fortune.

    Look to spruce things up by adding some new coats of paint. Look to update and change furniture, rugs, lamps, and place settings. Simple changes can prove to increase the character of your home. Being creative take just new vision and working with the space.

    Budgeting doesn’t have to be difficult. There are great ways to handle renovations that can bring costs way done. All it takes is a bit of sweat and knowledge. You have the knowledge, now go sweat.

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