Seven Effective Ways to Remain Active All Day


Life’s crazy, isn’t it? Individually we live our own lives but it’s kind of beautiful that our lives merge with that of others. Sometimes life is kind, other times it’s like getting pooped on by a bird.

No matter what or where the day takes us it’s important to stay active. Too many of us sit around like couch potatoes. You may be in luck though. There are a bunch of ways to stay active all day and keep busy.

  1. Clean, Clean, Clean

    Routine cleaning not only makes your house or apartment shine, but it also helps to keep you active for the day. Take a minute to think about the size of your house. Now be honest with yourself, how much of that do you clean? Cleaning isn’t easy and gives you a nice moderate workout too. Look to tackle all those areas you might be avoiding. There’s always something that can be cleaned and that will keep you plenty busy and help burn calories through the day.

  2. Mini Workouts During Commercials

    Let’s face it, we’re all guilty of sitting in front of the TV for long stretches of time. Break that lazy streak and get a couple of mini workout in during commercials.

    You don’t watch your favorite shows because of the wonderful commercials it has. So, when those commercials come on get your body moving. From crunches, squats, pushups, dips, and lunges, you have a lot to pick from. It doesn’t have to be a lot, try to make it through the commercial. Do that a couple times each time you watch.

  3. Walking

    Walking the most convenient method of staying active. It’s simple to do and you don’t need any fancy machines. All it takes is a good pair of shoes and some earth.

    Walking is easy on your body being low impact. Best part is there’s very little difficulty in it compared to running. Ask friends or even family to join you. Bring the dog with you if your seeking some brisk walking. Hit those streets one leg at a time.

  4. Cooking

    The non-stop actions of cooking are certainly a fun way to stay active. Cooking takes a lot of action and will consume some time in your day. But that’s the goal.

    The constant movements of gathering ingredients, chopping and cutting, mixing and stirring, keep your body in motion. You’re forced to be active when you cook, and with benefits like saving money by not going out to eat is certainly enjoyable.

  5. Go Dancing

    Going to a bar with your friends is so not the “it” think to do anymore. Let’s think, what’s an activity you all can do and still be moving and have a blast? DANCING!

    It’s also the most fun way on how to fall asleep when you can’t. Kick off the sheets, put on your best dancing clothes and go hit the dance floor. Dancing uses all your muscles and it’s a great reliever of stress. Dancing to an entire song is about three minutes of constant movement. It’s hard not to stay active when you’re dancing your butt off.

  6. Don’t Take Shortcuts

    Your day may take you all over; Stores, work, shopping, errands. The best way to stay active even when your running low of time is making every movement count.

    Try using the far end of parking lots. It will force you to walk a bit more to and from. If you’re at work, look to do little things like squeezing your butt muscles or tightening your ab muscles. Periodically doing this will give you small workouts that will keep you somewhat moving.

  7. New Hobbies

    Trying new things can be so rewarding. You could find a new passion with letting yourself be open to it.

    Look for hobbies that you can enjoy and that keep you moving. Look to attend classes. Most areas offer classes for cooking, yoga, dancing, sports, and hiking.Join up and meet some other likeminded people who are looking to get active.

Staying active isn’t hard to do. At times, there aren’t enough hours in the day to manage being active. Lucky for you, you know now of some great ways to stay active in your day.

  • Dennis the Vizsla

    hello nishita its dennis the vizsla dog hay my dada sez dansing to a whole song is also a gud way to find owt how wel yoo reemember all the moovs wot yoo hav ben tawt!!! happy noo yeer!!! ok bye

    • Nishita

      @dennisthevizsla:disqus Happy new year to you too, Dennis 🙂

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