A Christmassy weekend with the kids


This year, Piglet has been really hung up on Christmas trees. To be precise, really large brightly decorated Christmas trees.

This fascination started last year during our Christmas trip to Malaysia and Singapore – which was festivity galore. Christmas trees, and lights every which way you turn, until Piglet was quite dazzled, and his expectations from Christmas are now sky-high. Unfortunately Bangalore is just not able to live up to his expectations.

Last weekend, I promised to show him a good time, and the biggest Christmas tree ever in Bangalore. I made this rather rash promise thinking of the lovely ginormous Christmas tree that the Leela Palace hotel usually puts up every time, and which Snubnose and I have enjoyed thoroughly.

Unfortunately, this year, after a long traffic-plagued drive to the hotel, we found that the Leela Palace was no longer doing their Christmas tree and ginger bread houses. They did have a tree but it was only about 12 feet tall, and just didn’t impress Piglet very much.

Seeing his disappointed face, we decided to try out a couple more places – the Phoenix MarketCity mall, and VR mall.

We hit pay dirt at Phoenix MarketCity. Not only was there a large Christmas tree, but also a Santa’s castle, and a Christmas market.

Snubnose who is now totally into getting her picture clicked started posing for photos like a pro. Piglet chose to just wander along eyeing the tree from every angle with an extremely critical eye.

After hanging around there for a few minutes, he decided that the tree was not green enough, and suggested that we should go look at more trees in VR mall. Both the malls are side by side to each other, so it made sense to just walk along the Christmas market, pop into Santa’s castle, and make our way to a hopefully more impressive tree at VR mall.

At Santa's castle

At Santa’s castle

Santa’s castle was a bit underwhelming to me as an adult. But Snubnose and Piglet liked it quite a bit. I think the helium balloon Santa gave out added to the positive impression too.

With Santa

With Santa

We then walked over to the reindeer and admired the really pretty display.

With the reindeer

With the reindeer

It was then time to go look at the Christmas tree in VR mall.

It was then time for snacks – popcorn for Piglet and cotton candy for Snubnose, as we made our way to the obligatory carousel ride in VR mall.

Waiting for the carousel to startWaiting for the carousel to start

Waiting for the carousel to start

We went round multiple times until our heads were spinning, and I was all out of cash.

Tired after the rides

Tired after the rides

For a moment, we thought of having dinner at Chili’s but it was already late, and since K wasn’t with us (he took the opportunity of some alone time to get much-needed work done), we decided to just hop on over to home.

Not without Piglet squeezing in a few moments on a red chili though.

At Chili's

At Chili’s

We finally came home all smiles. It was only later while going to bed that Piglet revealed to me he was still disappointed with the size of the trees he saw. What? These were almost 30 foot trees! How big did he want them to be? Well, he wants a tree that goes till the moon.

I am afraid he is setting himself up for a huge disappointment.

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  • Oh my God, when did Piglet get so huge?? In my head he’s still such a little guy, but look at him all gangly and enormous! I am sorry the Christmas trees did not live up to his expectation, although it seems like you did your very best for him. :p

    • Nishita

      @readingtheend:disqus He’s a little guy in my head as well 🙂

  • There is nothing quite like the magic of Christmas viewed through a child’s eyes even if a 30ft tree wasn’t tall enough for Piglet – I’m sure you’ve made some more magical moments for him 🙂

    • Nishita

      @disqus_mUBrEiIQ5D:disqus Haha, yes, that’s true. To be honest, I love to look at Christmas displays myself. This trip was just the initial run, we went on to look at quite a few more trees in the past few days.

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