Four Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Healthier


They say that most people’s bathrooms are cleaner than their kitchens and in most cases, that’s completely true. A lot of us don’t clean our kitchens as much as they really should be cleaned. Yes, we know that cleaning is nobody’s favorite thing in the universe, but it’s got to be done.

Don’t try to get out of this now! If you want a healthy life or family, you’ve got to start with where you spend most of your time – the kitchen.

Below are some of the tips that will make your kitchen cleaning duties a little easier and help you make sure your kitchen is cleaned on a more regular basis. Soon, you’re going to have a super clean kitchen that will make sure that you and your family stay healthy and don’t risk any food-related illnesses or any nasty infestations.

  1. Yes, You Need to Clean Your Kitchen Regularly.

    Everything in your kitchen should be cleaned on a regular basis, even if you think you don’t have time for it. Start with your trashcan, for one. You might not have thought about cleaning your trash can first, but this is where a lot of bacteria and bad stuff can fester. Take it outside and give it a deep clean with a bucket of water.

    A next step is to regularly clean any surfaces that your family or yourself touch a lot. Doorknobs and countertops are good examples of this. Bacteria from your hands can easily transfer to these surfaces and stay there for a while if you don’t clean regularly. Next up is cleaning your floors. From crumbs to spills, tons of gross stuff hang out on your kitchen floor.

  2. Organize How You Clean Your Kitchen.

    You don’t want to clean your kitchen randomly. One of the top tips to make sure that you get every part of your kitchen sparkling clean is to organize it into sections. Start with the fridge, then go for the counter tops, and lastly the floor. If you have a lot of crumbs on counter-tops, make sure to take care of the floor last, so you don’t have to clean it a second time when crumbs fall down.

    Pay special attention to what’s inside of your fridge! Take anything out that’s been in there longer than a week and throw it out if it’s something that could go bad quickly.

  3. Keep in Mind How You Keep Your Food Sanitary.

    One of the most important ways to keep your kitchen clean isn’t the kitchen itself. You need to make sure that you keep up your food sanitation standards to make sure you don’t put anyone at risk for food-related illnesses.

    First step is to freeze any extra meat you have lying around. Meat is prone to going bad quickly and developing bacteria that can cause lots of harm. Put them in plastic bags and freeze them for usage later. Second step is to set the rule that any fruits with edible skin on the outside need to be washed before eating to wash away bacteria. Apples are a great example of this. Both of these are going to keep your food safe and clean!

  4. Have One Day a Month When You Deep Clean Your Kitchen.

    This is a great tip for anyone out there who needs to be forced to clean out your kitchen because of time restraints. Mark one day a month on your calendar when you do a deep clean of your kitchen. From counter tops to the floor to the fridge, this is the day that you make your kitchen spotless. A good day to schedule this on is Saturday or Sunday when you will most likely be home.

    Now that you know the best ways to keep your kitchen sparkling clean, it’s time to take some action! Make a plan for how you’re going to clean your kitchen and a plan of how you’re going to keep in clean in the future to keep away any nasty bacteria.

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