Five Reasons Why Your Kitchen Renovation Project Will Most Likely Go Over-Budget


At one point in all our lives, we’re going to want to redesign or renovate our kitchens. We spend so much time in our kitchens that we quickly begin to notice how certain things could be improved or how the placement of other things annoys us.

Whatever your reason for doing so, a kitchen renovation project is no small task and should not be started without a plan and without doing the proper research beforehand. It’s a massive project that requires tons of materials and of course, money.

Yes, here’s a shocker. You’re going to have pull out the big bucks to succeed in a kitchen renovation project. And here’s another shocker: You’re probably going to go over budget.

Of course, we can’t have everything good in life, can we?

It happens to most people who start and hopefully finish kitchen renovation projects. Even though it will probably happen to you too, this article will go through some of the top reasons why projects go over budget. Afterwards, you’ll be able to have these in mind when you dive into the renovation process.

Whether you’re renovating condos in Las Vegas or your tiny townhouse in Brooklyn, here are the 5 reasons why your kitchen renovation project will probably go over-budget.

  1. You’ll Probably Decide to Buy More Expensive Materials and Appliances

    Imagine this. You’re shopping at the home improvement store and you know exactly what you need. You’ve spent time to prepare the perfect list of materials and appliances that works with your budget.

    But as soon as you start walking through the aisles, you start seeing products that are more expensive than you budgeted, but you just can’t say no to a refrigerator with a touch screen. And eventually, all of this adds up to a shopping trip that was a lot more expensive than you anticipated.

    This is the top reason kitchen renovation projects go over-budget and will probably be the same reason yours does, unless you have very strong willpower.

  2. Your Budget Won’t Give Enough Flexibility for More Costly Than Expected Materials
    However, there are some things that you just can’t change. You might not allow enough flexibility in your budget to allow for building materials that are costlier than expected or don’t account for unforeseen costs.

    This will force your budget out the window because some of these things won’t be able to budge.

  3. You Might Change Your Entire Design Halfway Through
    This is also a huge reason most kitchen renovation projects go over-budget. Halfway through your project, you may start thinking to yourself: “Hey, is this really how I want my kitchen to look like?” or “Wouldn’t this look better over here than over there?”

    And before you know it…BAM! You’ve completely changed the design of your kitchen renovation. And this is seriously costly. You might have to buy completely new materials that you didn’t account for in your budget that will cost some serious cash.

  4. There’s A Chance You’ll Uncover Some Hidden Structural Issues

    Something like this is bound to come up, especially if you’re working on a kitchen that’s seen some better days. You may come across some significant structural issues that you didn’t know about when you started renovating.

    These will cost you. If they’re not included in your budget, you’re going to go over-budget with the costs of fixing these issues, which will most likely need paying someone for that service. It happens to the best of us!

  5. The Renovation Project Might Just Be More Than You Expect
    A lot of us go into projects like this with the naïve thoughts that it’s going to be an easy fix. We tell ourselves we know exactly what we’re doing and there’s nothing that could be done wrong.

    But the truth is, kitchen renovation projects are lot more complex than you probably think and need a lot more effort than you expect. And this usually makes you think you don’t require as much money as is actually needed. And therefore, your project then goes over-budget.

    These things and more are the points you need to keep in mind when contemplating taking on a kitchen renovation project. It’s a huge task to take on and you should have done the proper research before-hand so you can try not to go over-budget.

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