WW: Snubnose’s Latest Creation


It’s been a long time since I shared an art work by Snubnose. There have been some reasons for that. Firstly, Snubnose took a short break from art during the summer holidays and just spent the long hot days playing with her friends, swimming, and athletic classes.

Athletics is something she’s taken up recently after a couple of miserable years in her school sports day events where she would be close to last in almost all the events she participated in. When I casually mentioned to her that she can’t expect good results unless she puts in adequate efforts in training, she decided that she needed to be in an out-of-school athletics class so that she can compete with the hardened athletes in her class.

In addition, she got promoted to the next level in her ballet class, and naturally has favored that more in her free time.

Another reason, art has been on the downswing in her general agenda is that she took up water colors with great gusto earlier this year, and has unfortunately not been able to get the results she was expecting. She’s been finding it hard to control her strokes, and get the right amount of color she wanted. She slogged for ages on a Jagarnath of Puri painting without getting the hang of it, and then gave up in utter distress. Her art teacher finally finished it for her, and I will show you that piece also in another post (been lazy about taking photographs of late).

She’s now gone back to her familiar oil pastel medium and here’s one she did recently.

Her latest work

Her latest work

So, here it is. I love this one, and am so glad she’s got her art mojo back on again 🙂 .

Note, there is some newspaper like thing sticking on in a couple of places. I am not quite sure what it is, Snubnose says she was trying to add some texture using paper. I am not a big fan of it personally.

  • VERY cool! I am glad Snubnose hasn’t given up art completely — it’s always wonderful to see her creations! I love the expression on the horse’s face.

    • Nishita

      @readingtheend:disqus haha, yes. He has a pretty sardonic expression, I thought 🙂

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