Guest Post – 7 Amazing Things to do in Shimla


Haven’t you always wished to experience “utopia”? Don’t we all just want to pack our bags and spend our days living the perfect life, playing, trying new things with not a tension up our shoulder like we used to do when we were a kid? Well, there is a chance to be that curious kid again! Welcome to the land of mountains waiting to tell the story of your adventures!

There is more to the beautiful hill top than the temples and traditional mall road. Come and venture into activities which will give you goose bumps and make your heart pound faster. Yes, you are about to tick some of the checkpoints off your bucket list!

  1. Fun- Filled Trekking

    A trek through the mountain ranges, discovering secret paths, new locations and get lost in its mesmerizing beauty. The trek starts from Shimla and ends at Banjar or Chakrata following different yet adventurous routes. The sunrise and sunset are two breath taking events you just cannot forget. A night spent at Shoghi is the one you will remember your entire life. A sky full of stars, a beauty we never get to see in our big developed cities. A night to relive the old days!

  2. Breath Taking Paragliding

    Are you an enthusiast of fun air sport like paragliding? Kangra valley is the best spot for this activity. A combination of hand gliding and parachuting, this sport is sure to give you an adrenaline rush as you fly in light winds, between the gorgeous views of the snow clad mountains across the nonpareil sights of Earth. An exciting yet safe sport to make you want to come back for the gliding rallies held every year with hundreds of people enjoying the thrilling adventure.

  3. Historic Ridge

    If you are a fan of architectural designs, then a trip to the Ridge is quintessential for you. Christ church and Annandale race course, just at a few kilometre distance from the Ridge, were built at the time of the British rule. The impeccable interior design is worth seeing. Sophisticated games like golf and polo are organized at Annandale which also serves as a helipad. And not to forget, a steaming hot coffee at the Ridge is a must.

  4. Racy Skiing and Ice Skating

    Do you have what it takes to be an ice master? By that I don’t mean making or eating the fastest ice creams but dwelling into the world of ice skating and skiing! Yes, there are competitions held at the national level in winters at Shimla. So, come and skate at India’s only natural and one of the largest ice skating rinks and flaunt what you have got. Skiing is another sport that makes us love ice all the more. It can be done at exotic snow cladded locations like Kufri, Mashobra and Narkanda, situated at high altitudes. Narkhanda also has one of the country’s tastiest cherries and apples.

  5. Scary River Rafting

    Water sport lovers need not be disappointed. There is water rafting for them too at this awesome one-in-all hill station! At a place called Tattapani, a few kilometres ahead of Shimla, which is conventionally famous for sulphur hot springs known to have magical healing properties, this sport attracts people from all over the world to try their skills mastering the mighty river! Go already to be fascinated.

  6. A Walk Through the Jungle

    Are you interested to take a jungle walk? The Glen is the perfect spot for you to interact with nature. A walk through the tall Pine and Deodar trees could be like walking back in time! And who knows you may make some animal friends too! Spend your day exploring the jungle and your night in camps beside a bonfire with soft music playing, relishing your soul. Come, live stress free days in the lap of nature.

  7. Amalgamating Festival

    The summer festival is one you do not want to miss! It has an amazing melange of culture, sports, arts and what not! Artists from all over the countries exhibit their expertise in their respective fields, be it photography, dance, singing or sketching to name a few. A one-of-its-kind fusion of western and traditional cultures which keep everybody engrossed. A week of celebration where every day is a festival.

So, what are you waiting for? Call up your friends or WhatsApp them, tell them about this amazing holiday place and get your bags packed. You will be witnessing a larger than life experience!

For more information about Shimla, visit our guest blogger Rohit’s travel blog – TransIndia Travels.

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