Hangover on 12th Main Road in Indra Nagar celebrated its first anniversary recently, and they did it in style with a lovely printed invite to our house. Hangover does some marvelous alcohol, so in spite of release deadlines and everything, we cleared up our calendars for the evening to go visit.

The joint

The joint

Hangover has a very unique decor. The ground floor is very unfussy and basic, so if you are after a casual evening drinks after work, that’s the best place to be.

The top floor (with an open terrace) is THE place to see and be seen. Very party atmosphere, with tons of regulars, and super-fancy dressing. They also have a cool van out of which drinks are served, and I could have gotten a photo to share with you all if it wasn’t just so crowded. And on a Monday evening! Just standing room only!

Anyway, after taking a round, we all retreated to the much quieter lower floor to relax over drinks and starters.

The drinks were fabulous and the people-watching even more so. The crowd was super-glam, the place packed with rich young things partying the night away. The DJ was excellent playing some very nice music, but really the noise of the crowd was just too much. It was also way too crowded even to dance.

We grabbed a table near the giant TV screen and settled down with our drinks and starters.

These non-veg starters were obviously for K. I went for the regular french fries (which were good and delicious, but they didn’t really get my blog juices pumping – photo wise) and enjoyed them in peace while K gorged on the chicken and prawns. Both were good, but if he had to recommend, he’d suggest going for the chicken satay.

I took the time to go over the menu, and was pretty impressed with the reasonable pricing.

The menu

The menu

I mean, it’s not cheap, but considering the location, and the type of crowd it generally attracts, the prices are pretty down to earth.

And if you are talking crowd, guess who K managed to get snapped with!

With Puneeth Rajkumar

With Puneeth Rajkumar

Puneeth Rajkumar – the Kannada superstar was walking casually around chit-chatting with other patrons. K happened to be at the bar around the same time as he was, and smartly took the opportunity to get clicked with him. Unfortunately, it was a cell phone click in very poor light, and there was very little that I could do (with my limited photo-editing skills) to clean it up while post-processing.

K really wanted to take another photo with him, but backed off when he saw how much his bodyguard was glaring at him.

So I did what little I could do to clear up the over-exposure because of that hideous flash and decided to post it here. I mean, there was no way, I was not going to post this photo in the blog 😉 .

After the high of meeting him, we pretty much forgot to take any photos of the pizza we had for dinner. But I can tell you that the pizzas were as good as any you get in the best Italian restaurants. Ravenous after the drinks, we just ate everything in sight.

We skipped the desserts as we were too stuffed, and instead made an early (-er) night of it and headed home. After all the next day was a working day.

So that was the end to our glamorous and delicious evening, people. If you are ever in the area, or are thinking of a good place for drinks, consider Hangover, it’s pretty awesome!

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  • claudialynn

    The main thing is you had a good time, a night out on the town being glamorous!

  • Karen

    an unusual name but very appropriate. hope not all their clients wake up with bad heads through over-indulgence though

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