Piglet’s horse riding classes are going on in full steam. His initial reluctance and fears were wiped away within the first five classes, and he’s now getting confident on his seat, even eschewing the beginner ring, and instead holding his reins to control the horse.

I have also started to feel a little more relaxed about these classes. I was nervous initially because a scared Piglet can be pretty unpredictable, but the teacher was wonderful, calming him down, and riding with him until he got comfortable.

So now that I am a little relaxed, I thought I’d spend a little time honing my till now non-existent photography skills and try to capture those free horses who are not involved in the class.

The horses in this camp are pretty familiar with humans and often come up close scrounging for carrots or other treats. I didn’t have any treats on hand but still the horses came 🙂 .

I even managed to get myself clicked with the grey horse. I was a bit nervous because the grey one was huge and quite frisky neighing loudly and galloping from place to place. But there were a couple of peaceful moments which I took advantage of.

Posing rather nervously with the horse

Posing rather nervously with the horse

I love photography, but really hanging out with the horses is the real pull. I have thought seriously about some horse-riding classes for myself too, but where’s the time? Unfortunately there are no adult classes simultaneously with Piglet. Taking a class would mean finishing up with Piglet, driving him back home, and then coming back for a class of my own.

Ughh! Scheduling can be such a pain sometimes.

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  • I’m still a bit scared of horses, to be honest! Aren’t you afraid they’d run off with you? (I guess not, like I guess if that were an area of concern, you most likely would not have put your tiny child on one. :p)

    • Nishita

      @readingtheend:disqus I am nervous around them too. Piglet’s trainer is excellent though, and she uses mature (old?) horses only for the classes. They are pretty sedate. He’s been going for classes for about 3-4 months now, and I am finally feeling a bit settled.

      The ones I clicked in this post though were a different ballgame altogether – very frisky, running around all over, and just general high-spirits. I wouldn’t let my son near any of these.

  • Wow – gorgeous pictures.

    Tanya Patrice

    • Nishita

      Thanks, Tanya 🙂 @girlxoxo:disqus

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