For Friendship day: Our best furry friends on TV


It is Friendship’s Day tomorrow and a happy Friendship day in advance to you!

While we’ve been celebrating this day religiously, every year, if someone were to ask you what “best friend” meant, what would you say?

You would say:

A friend who is always there for you, takes care of you, is trustworthy, will cancel on their hot date if you needed them to, eagerly waits to see you and is the happiest every time you meet them.

Except the “hot date” part, guess who else will do all that for you? Your furry, little, cute, pets! And they’ll do it all with no human expectations and top it with a coat of salivated unconditional love.

If you have a pet, it’s time for you to show them some love and if you don’t, well then, GET ONE! But either ways, here are some favourite characters bonding with their favourite pets that you should absolutely take inspiration from:

Joey and Chandler

Love Joey and Chandler

Love Joey and Chandler

The Chick and The Duck were their heart-throbs, especially Joey’s. So much so that till date, Joey doesn’t know what actually happened to them.

Louis Litt

Louis Litt from Suits

Louis Litt from Suits

Quoting Louis here:

I happen to have a way with those of the feline persuasion.

He may have a hard time dealing with other humans, but with cats? Never.

Ross Geller

Ross and Marcel

Ross and Marcel

Ross was one of my least favorite characters from Friends. But when he got together with Marcel, even I had to go aww.

Remember the time Ross made everyone track Marcel down when he had become a star, only to spend one last day with him? Yes. Exactly. On the other hand, he took only Phoebe to the airport to tell Rachel that he loved her. See the difference?

Jay Pritchett

Jay Pritchett

Jay Pritchett

Their story is one of those classic ones, where, at first, one doesn’t like the other and the next thing you know – they spend every living second together. While adopting Stella was a charity case for the Pritchett family and one that was not to Jay’s liking, he ended up loving her the most!

Jon Snow

Jon Snow and Ghost

Jon Snow and Ghost

Actually, I should extend that to all the Starks. They’re the only ones on the show that give, at least, some meaning to the word, “loyalty”.

Elliott Alderson

Elliott Alderson

Elliott Alderson

Wasn’t Elliot a saint when he rescued Flipper from an abusive owner? Proving it further that love is all that a pet wants. Not diamonds, not cars. Only love.

Now that you’ve had multiple aww-moments, go get yourself a pet and make every day a Friendship day!

Happy Friendship Day, everyone! Have a great time!

Event hosted by Comedy Central

Also, if you have pets and live in Mumbai, here’s an awesome event that Comedy Central has put together for you and your pet – Wag This Way powered by Harley’s Corner. Here are the deets:

While your furry friend loves you unconditionally, here’s a chance for you to thank them and reciprocate their overwhelming love. Spend the day having fun as Comedy Central – Your Happy Place! We have arranged for some fun activities for you and your fuzzy buddy like grooming sessions, medical consultation, canine games and photo corner all under one roof!

This Friendship’s Day, celebrate your friendship with your pet and Comedy Central, Your happy place!

Event Details:
Venue: Bonobo, Bandra, Mumbai
Date: Sunday, August 7
Time: 11 AM – 5 PM
Entry: Walk-in registrations
Entry Price: Pet: Rs. 500 | Pet Parent: TBC (inclusive of cover charge of Rs. 300)
Ticket link –
Event page –
To know more log on to

Oh man! If this event was in Bangalore, I would be so on top of it. It would be a great day for our Coco and the kids.

And yeah, just as an update. Here’s Coco, now 4 months old, and already big enough to knock me over.

Our Coco

Our Coco

Here, I have trained Coco to sit while I am giving him his breakfast, so he doesn’t knock me over in his enthusiasm for the food. He’s really struggling to restrain himself here, which is why that pitiful look on his face 🙁 .

I know that for us, Coco is our best friend, but sometimes I wonder whether for Coco, it’s food that is his best friend.

2 Responses
  • Jenny @ Reading the End
    August 8, 2016

    Coco is so adorable, oh my gosh. Look at that good-dog face.

    I have super-hated every time one of the direwolves died. I’m still scared for Ghost! He’s been such an amazing ally for Jon Snow, I don’t want anything to happen to him.

    • Nishita
      August 8, 2016

      @readingtheend:disqus Oh, definitely. This season especially was awful with both Summer and Shaggydog getting it. Hopefully, GRRM is more merciful towards the direwolves

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