Selecting the Best Bike for Your Level Now


Road biking is the game for the one who are looking for excitement and thrill. It has all features of a sport that can get your adrenaline jumping. The versatile game is not just for the young but the old people too can chip in with a leisurely cycling session with the bike. It is all about having the feel of doing biking on the road that can incite the interest in people and bring them closer to this sport. Among other things is the need to get the perfect bike that suits your needs on the road. There are many options available in the market that can be looked upon but here are the ones that can be the best compilation.

Best road bikes for your ride

There are several bikes that one can try to get the most exciting and exhilarating ride of their life and we are listing a few best road bike under 1000 in 2016 for the people who are looking for it.


Giordano Libero 1.6 Roadbike-700 Maintenance

When looking for a bike which is going to give you a lot of customization and adjustments that can suit your riding style even if you are not a master of the art already. It is an Italian design that distinguishes this bike from others in the fray and packs up a sturdy aluminum frame with 16 speed Shimano drive-train for you to have a smooth and comfy ride. As the name would suggest there are 700c Vitesse alloy rims on both rims that give it strong drive base on the wheels. There are a couple of water bottle mounts for the long drives that you would like to embark on this mean machine. With a minimalistic design approach this bike packs in a sturdy frame with great looks. The wheels are all terrain and the inexpensive price makes it a decent buy at this range. Only thing to look out for are the brake pads.

Schwinn Men’s Volare1200 700c Flat Bar

This one road bike is a definite yes if you want high-octane rides on a budget. It comes with high quality with a very reasonable price tag. The features won’t be a disappointment either when you compare it with much expensive models in the market. Schwinn has already made a good name for itself in the market with its range of road bikes and the Volare is no let down. This one comes with an all aluminum frame and a rigid fork making it a strong ride to mount on. It has an awesome rear derailleur that adds to the glory and the silken gear shifts are there to give you the perfect ride. The fantastic wheel set coupled with the reliable brakes are just what you would ask for in a great bike. About 30% of the assembly is required on your part which is understandably easy.

Vilano Rampage Fixed Gear Fixie Single Speed

When you are sucker for simplicity then this one is for you dear friend. It is simply light, easy maintenance, cheap and most of all real fun rider on the road. Simple but effective seems to be the mantra for this road bike which is a fixie, meaning no gears. The amazing features are definitely impressive and this one seems to be the perfect mix of style and substance which is what most guys are looking for these days. The uniquely styled wheel sets are sure to blow your mind and couple that with the flip-flop hub to get a spectacular bike. It has brakes on both the wheels and yet don’t weigh much at a measly 22 pounds. The wide tires guarantee smooth and unperturbed rides .

Vilano Edge Fixed Gear Single Speed

Another of those fixies from Vilano, the Edge is an impressive addition to the array of fixed gear bikes already in the market. The super sturdy high tensile steel frame is something you won’t feel worried ever about when riding on this bike. Every bike with a cool design is sure to engage the rider and the spectator as well and this one score high on looks. A fixie with flip-flop hub is a must as this enable you to change from fixed to freewheel drive without much hassles. The alloy brakes on both wheels are high quality which ensure quick reflex on the ride while driving. It offers urban saddle and platform pedals for smooth operation all along. The super easy assembly with astonishing parts is great buy at its price range.

Restrospec Mantra Fixie Bike

Another of those fixie bikes that are ubiquitous for the relative ease of riding and sturdy built. The Mantra is a hassle free design bike for the people who have a penchant for the rustic city rides and leisurely driving around. This bike offers sealed hub and a free headlamp that can keep you going even on the darkest of terrains. Mantra is surely a gorgeous bike with its look and exemplary finish, not to forget the amazing performance it delivers at the price point its being sold. The superior part and ease of assembling are just about what a simple rider can ask for when checking for a decent road bike. A sure value buy for you, the Retrospec Mantra is quite the bike one would feel proud to own and ride every day.

Vilano Forza 3.0 Aluminum Carbon Shimano Sora

One manufacturer never to disappoint on the price, quality and feature balance is Vilano. They provide top equipments at reasonable prices and the Forza is another gem in that regard. The carbon fiber fork makes it super light giving you a stress free ride on every terrain possible. The awesome gear set from Shimano ensures smooth transitions all along on the rides. At the price point its being offered you better not let this beauty go ever.

The above list concludes the best road bike under 1000 in 2016 and surely it offers a wide range for all bikers to choose from without missing on their budget. Go and own the roads with your ride.

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