Turning a Good Morning to a #GoldMorning


Mornings are always tricky. On weekdays, it is a hustle-bustle of waking oneself up, then the kids, breakfast, lunch box, getting ready, the whole nine-yards before we all run off to our respective destinations. So these are definitely not gold mornings, just general good mornings.

A gold morning though, aah!

It would involve:

  • Waking up earlier than the kids rested after a good night’s sleep.
  • A leisurely chai and newspaper
  • Sneak in an hour’s yoga
  • Breakfast and lunch magically gets done without me having to lift a finger. One can always dream, right?

And then once I am fully settled a good two hours later, then and only then the kids will wake up and get started with their morning routine.

There will be no outside activities or errands planned, so after breakfast, it will be time for Lego or painting or books. The keywords here are leisurely, slowly, and most important – no fighting 😀 .

Are you wondering why I am rambling on about my morning?

Well, while me and the kids were enjoying our gold morning, the doorbell rang and I received an unexpected surprise – a gift hamper from Colgate telling me that it’s time to wake up to a gold morning.

Inside the hamper was a gold mug, a gold toothbrush, and a gold flask. Immediately my gold morning was shot as both kids started squabbling and pushing each other fighting for the contents.

After a lot of negotiation later, Snubnose received the gold flask which she takes to school filled with warm water, Piglet got the gold mug from which he drinks his Horlicks, and I got the gold toothbrush 🙂 . Poor K, there was nothing left for him 🙁 .

Gift hamper from Colgate

Gift hamper from Colgate

Regardless of the fights over the hamper, receiving this reminded me just how important dental hygiene is to make a good morning golden. No matter what you do, its how you feel that’s important, and no one feels good with achy, shaky teeth.

So no matter what sort of morning you have, make it a gold morning brushing with Colgate preferably with Colgate 360° Charcoal Gold. Not only is it stunning in the way it looks, but also in the way it cleans your teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums. No wonder, it’s the gold standard of whole mouth cleaning.

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