Disco Barbeque with Bappi Lahiri


The spanking new Barbeque Nation restaurant that opened in West Gate Mall in Rajaji Nagar arguably had no need of celebrities or massive PR events to announce its arrival.

The place was packed to the brim with diners, and all us bloggers and the celebrity in attendance – Bappi Lahiri (singer and musician most well-known for his disco music during the 80s) found ourselves squashed in a small area at the back of the restaurant.

We arrived a little late so we got a table at the back furthest from the action. But we still managed to take a few good snaps, and even managed a selfie with the singer who so kindly posed one on one with all us bloggers, and sang a song or two.

One of the songs he had composed was in honor of Barbeque Nation. Called Disco Barbeque (play the video above to get a listen), it’s a riff of one of his older more famous disco numbers (Disco 82). That used to be one of my childhood anthems (dating myself here I know), and it was fun to hear him belt it out with such abandon in the restaurant.

He also did several one-on-one interviews with the bloggers. I didn’t volunteer for the interview, feeling quite shy and underprepared for the event. Snubnose and I did take a quick shot with him though.

With Bappi Lahiri

With Bappi Lahiri

Snubnose and I were a bit in awe of all the gold chains he had on. I took a closer look wondering whether they were fake, but no, they appeared to be all solid gold 🙂 .

I was eyeing the huge bouquet of lilies that he was presented with. So pretty!

Lovely lilies

Lovely lilies

Bappi Lahiri also turned out to be a big fan of the restaurant chain. In his own words:

I am passionate about food and particularly enjoy barbeques. I think Barbeque Nation captures the essence of a barbeque quite well – not just the delicious smoky flavor of food grilled over charcoals, but also the relaxed and friendly atmosphere that accompanies barbeque parties everywhere. I am sure that this outlet, like others across the country, will appeal to food lovers of Bengaluru.

Apart from the excitement over Bappi Lahiri’s arrival, there was the food, which was the standard Barbeque Nation fare.

Grilled starters

Grilled starters

We enjoyed the grilled starters which was good as usual.

Snubnose tried the fried chicken wings in schezwan sauce and prawns grilled on the barbeque and loved both the dishes.

Happy Snubnose polishing off the chicken and prawns

Happy Snubnose polishing off the chicken and prawns

I am a pure vegetarian and don’t know how to cook non-veg, so I am very happy to take Snubnose along with me on all these events, as she really loves to tuck into the non-veg spread at these places.

We also attacked the pasta counter.

Snubnose decided to eschew the red and white sauce options and ordered one with just plain olive oil, veggies, and Italian spices.

The perfectly well-made pasta

The perfectly well-made pasta

It was so good that both of us went back for seconds. Wish that pasta guy was a bit generous with his portions though. Snubnose kept telling him – put more, put more. She wasn’t one bit self conscious, but I was and came back with a minuscule bowl of pasta 🙁 🙁 .

Overall though, it was a fantastic time there. Meeting other blogger buddies, Bappi Lahiri, and the food – it was such a blast, and worth the extremely long trek it took us to get to the place.

It reminded me though that having a Barbeque Nation outlet in Rajaji Nagar is a fantastic idea. Just the crowd of people coming to dine there on the very first day itself showed that this restaurant is a fabulous addition to dining options in West Bangalore.

If you are from Vijayanagar, Malleshwaram, Rajaji Nagar, or Basaveshwaranagar, this restaurant is extremely accessible to you.

Address details:

Barbeque Nation
West Gate Mall
GF 18, 19 & 20,
Dr.Rajkumar Road

  • Avada@bookishmuggle.com

    I so badly wanted to visit BBQ nation last time when I was in India. But when we went there, we found out that we need to reserve in advance. 🙁 I must visit it next time I am in India. Such a drool worthy post!

    • Nishita

      @avada: That’s too bad. One of the drawbacks of the restaurant is that it is always crowded.

  • Never been to Barbeque Nation but it’s on my list now. The food looks yummy!

    • Nishita

      @athirac:disqus when you come down do visit one of their branches. It’s a great family dining restaurant. Bring a big appetite with you 🙂

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