What to Do When Someone You Love Is Addicted To Drugs


Watching someone you love very dearly struggle with addiction to harmful substances such as drugs can be difficult. Even though the person you love is the one in the throes of addiction, it can also affect you and his family members too. The person who is addicted may have friends, family members, etc. but they are missing only one ingredient that will help them recover faster – the intervention of these people.

Raise the odds of recovery

When you seek the right help for addiction for your loved one, it can help raise the odds of recovery. In fact, it can save the life of your dear one. Intervention is the only thing that can save your loved one. Addicted people will try their best to deny their addiction problems. They will also try to convince you that they do not really need any help. Sometimes, they will even ask you to leave them alone. Do not do that. They might even make a false promise of joining a drug rehab program – a promise that is seldom kept. However, if you force the person further to join such a treatment program, he might argue and fight with you.

Motivate him gently

Do not force him to join a rehab program. Instead, try to make his family members convince him to join one. Sometimes, it may not work since the addict might want the family to back off. Alternatively, motivate him to join such a treatment program at a center near him gently since he knows deep down inside that he needs help to recover faster. Just because the individual is resisting treatment does not mean that he is happy abusing alcohol or drugs. The person is actually miserable about it but is unable to admit the same to you.

Convince him to get treated

The very same issues that led him to become addicted to the various harmful substances are the ones that are playing a role in his denying the need for treatment now. Your attempts to penetrate his mind at that level have been blocked by him. This is the result of the long hidden guilt, pain, insecurity, etc. that are making him miserable. However, you should not forget that no matter what the person says to you, he is actually helpless and needs professional intervention. Simply muster the courage to stand up to his lies and help him get treatment at the right time.

Get him treated

If you are unable to convince him even after several attempts, it is time to seek the right help for addiction. Ask a professional to convince the person since they have heard it all before. Waiting can be a deadly game, especially if the problem is addiction. Professionals know exactly how to get the person to visit a rehab center. After that, all you need to do is hope that things will be alright. Find the right professional who can help convince your loved one that he really needs help and save his life on time before it is too late.

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