A Rare Morning Alone with Piglet


It’s very hard sometimes to just find 1-1 time with someone in the family. It’s usually all four of us together in the room, all talking over each other. Or, all of us running around doing something together.

This Saturday morning was therefore wonderfully quiet. Snubnose had to go to school for some make-up work, and K offered to do the grocery rounds, so it was just Piglet and me at home.

Piglet as is usual these days, asked me to draw something (preferably an elephant), so that he can then paint it in. Apparently Piglet doesn’t believe in coloring books. It has to be something that one of us has drawn only.

Anyway, on request I drew an elephant and Piglet got out his paints.

Unfortunately, no paintbrush around, what to do. An enterprising Piglet gets an idea.

Using a decapitated Barbie's legs to paint the elephant

Using a decapitated Barbie’s legs to paint the elephant

We got a little messy and dirty.

Showing off his paint-stained hands

Showing off his paint-stained hands

We did an entire family of elephants.Here’s one we did.

The final daddy elephant

The final daddy elephant

All in all, such a wonderfully pleasant morning. Going out is so overrated. Staying in away from the traffic and noise and pollution of Bangalore roads is such a pleasant change.

How do you spend your Saturday mornings?

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