Fotor – Simple to use, Epic in Scope


Fotor is one of my staple apps that I use for some quick n easy editing for pics on the blog.

I particularly love them for the various collage features they offer that allow me to create quick n easy layouts for the blog in a snap.

Layouts? What do I mean by layouts, I mean the ability to digitally arrange a few pictures together, add a background, and some text, and make the image pop. With pinning being such a popular activity, I really need the extra edge a handsome image can give me to increase sharing of content from my blog.

Now, creating these layouts is technically not difficult. However, for a creatively challenged person like me, I struggle with ideas on where to start, and also with issues of composition, and colors.

Enter Fotor.

I love their different artistic collage options that allow me to create fun stuff without taxing my skills.

For example, here’s a simple photo collage that I created recently for one of my shopping posts.

Simple and sweet

Simple and sweet

I created this layout in just four simple steps.

  1. Opened collage maker.
  2. Decided on the number of photos I wanted to use, and then uploaded them to Fotor
  3. Select a layout from the humongous amount of options available on the left of the screen
  4. Go wild with the stickers and background effects. They have the cutest ones! Replace the text in the samples with your own.
  5. Save and publish!

I went wild with the Christmas seasonal options that they have. Just the cutest stickers to make great personalized Christmas cards. I created a couple (just generally playing around with the features), and I have to say that with minimal effort (I had some pretty crappy pictures), you can get something quite decent indeed.

You can also create these easily using their Photo Christmas cards.

Here are some sample layouts. One was created with the default photos that come with Fotor, the second one was using my own pics.

Not bad if I say so myself.

So is this a Free app?

Well, some features are free, but the really good stuff you have to pay for. But it’s not much, and if you consider that they have a Christmas limited-time discount, it becomes downright dirt-cheap.

Licensing plans

Licensing plans

Last Thoughts

Overall, I think this is an awesome utility for bloggers.

I only messed around the some of the picture options, like shadow and nighttime filter, and the collage feature so far. I can’t wait till I get some more time to sit down and play around with all the options.

My new camera comes next month and I can’t wait to see how much more I can fake at being a good photographer with the help of this program.

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