View From our Room


We went on a quick roadtrip to Wayanad, Kerala over the weekend, staying at the Karapuzha Village Resort, which is a small but beautiful property right by the banks of Karapuzha reservoir.

Our rooms looked out onto the lake, and we enjoyed some mind-blowing views. Here’s one shot.

A shot of Karapuzha reservoir from our room

A shot of Karapuzha reservoir from our room

  • Gorgeous! We talked about going into Kerala when I was in India, but in the end time didn’t permit. We had to either do a train trip up north or out to the west coast, and I really really wanted to see the Taj Mahal. Next time!

    • Nishita

      @@readingtheend:disqus It is difficult to cover all of India in one trip. Next time you can do the west coast – Goa and Kerala are both great places to visit.

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