Fun Quirky Tees at Champu


Quirky tees seem to be all the rage these days. Every day on my commute to work and back, I love to spend the idle time waiting at traffic signals and such reading the text on the fun tees sported by all the bikers idling alongside me.

But while I chortled at the text/graphics on the tees, I always thought they had a certain cheap (that bought for 100 bucks at the foreign export reject stall in the market) look.

So when I tried out Champu and found that their tees feel as good as they look, I was sold.

Here are some of my favorite designs from their inventory. Since I am all about simple straight-forward designs, I am very drawn to these ones.


I started out small getting K the above Snoopy tee in grey. When it came in last week, he was absolutely thrilled. The imagery on the tee is of very high-quality and resembled our favorite cartoon character Snoopy very closely.

But even more nice is the feel of the t-shirt. It’s a very soft cotton, that I know is going to last and be well-used and well-loved for a really long time.

Now that I am satisfied with the quality of this tee-shirt (just Rs.499/- with free shipping), I am planning to move a rung higher and get one of the cozy sweatshirts they have on offer. I am particularly tempted by this Cutty Sark sweatshirt, which I know my dad will love, and it will be very useful for Delhi’s cold winters. I just may even pick up a Coma tee-shirt for myself. I love that the women’s tee-shirts does not use the generic unisex sizing, and that they are (at least from what I can make out from the picture) cut to suit women’s bodies.


Doesn’t this sweatshirt look super-cozy? It’s also on sale, and I think it’s great value for money at Rs. 999/-. Check it out here.

Since this company offers cash on delivery and it has a very generous 30-day return policy, it encourages me to experiment a bit more trying out a variety of styles and colors.

Another interesting proposition they offer is the possibility of ordering customized tee-shirts in bulk. This is something I always end up doing at work, designing team tee-shirts and then getting them printed for the entire team. I have always done the printing and purchasing using offline vendors, which involves some amount of running around.

If Champu offers such high-quality printing for customized tee shirts, then based on the quality of the tee I bought from them, I am sold. Unfortunately, this service is currently restricted to Delhi, but if you are in the area and are looking for bulk custom tees, then I highly recommend Champu for the quality of the material and the printing.

Overall, Champu is an online shop that I highly recommend for the quality and the pricing. I have to admit though that I haven’t used that many websites for shopping for tees, so I might be a bit biased in that respect.

Are you into quirky funky tees? If so, where do you buy them from?

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