Helpful Tips for Finding a Good Quality and Durable Handbag


As a women, an essential accessory that goes everywhere you go – besides your phone – is your handbag. As you know by now, not all handbags are created equally. While some may look great on the outside, you also need to make sure they will be durable and stand up to daily use and wear. One way is to buy a brand name bag, such as the Anuschka handbags Canada and another option is to use the tips here.

Keep the Size Proportional

Buy a handbag that goes with your frame. This means if you are a petite person, you don’t need to buy an oversized bag. If you need a bag that is multi-functional, then your best bet will be to select a neutral colored bag that is medium in size.

Consider Your Lifestyle

There is really no use for a tiny handbag is you plan on putting your entire life inside. Also, a big handbag can make you look a bit old-fashioned. The key is to find a modern looking bag that allows you to carry all the essentials. If you only need a credit card and phone, then it means that you can likely get away with a smaller bag.

Choose a Bag that Flatters Your Shape

While handbags cannot work magic and make you seem thinner, they can complement your body type. The shape of the bag that you choose needs to oppose your body type to provide a maximum level of flattery and the size of the bag needs to be proportional for your figure. Keeping this in mind will help you find the right bag for your figure.

Remember Accessories are Supposed to Complement Your Look

There is no need to stick to a traditional black bag. While you may think this is the only way to make sure the bag you choose goes with everything, this is simply not true. Take some time and think outside of the box and try some new and exciting colors. Chances are you will find that the sporty emerald-green bag you saw will complement quite a few of the outfits you have and wear regularly.

Taking the time to consider the tips here will help you to find the perfect handbag for all of your outfits and needs. Don’t let what you think is acceptable limit the handbags that you buy. After all, being unique and different is fun and will help you stand out and feel good about yourself. If you need more inspiration, visit the Isabelle’s Dreams Specialty Gift Shop to see all the different handbags that are available.

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  • Karen

    this is always a challenging purchase for me. many of the current styles are way too big for my size – it feels like I’m carrying a suitcase with me

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