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Phoenix Mall is one of our favorite hang-out places in Bangalore. It helps that it is close to home and that they have a wonderful Hamleys, the amazing Zara, and the fun Itsy-Bitsy.

What Phoenix didn’t have, in my opinion, was a good casual dining joint. If you skip the frankly pathetic options from the food court, you are left with donut/coffee options, or the high-end restaurants such as California Pizza Kitchen and Copper Chimney.

There hasn’t been any mid-level option. Until now, that is.

On saturday, the first Burger King opened in Phoenix Market City in Bangalore to plug that casual dining hole in Phoenix’s food offerings.

Last week I and a select group of bloggers were invited for a pre-launch where we got to try some of their offerings.

Rather counter-intuitively, we started with dessert.

The amazing 180 degrees

The amazing 180 degrees

The dessert proved to be a good talking point and did a lot to break the ice between all us bloggers who didn’t know each other.

This was because of 180 degrees‘ unique features. It’s a frozen dessert, so thick that when you turn it upside down, nothing spills out (as shown in my photo demo above).

And how about its taste?

Well, if you like gems or Oreos, this little concoction will be right up your alley.

After the dessert, we worked our way through the main menu.

I very ambitiously went straight for their veg whopper.

The ginormous whopper

The ginormous whopper

This was humongous and although very tasty, I struggled to finish it. I have to say though that the sesame seed bun was super-awesome and fresh. The patty is good though, but like I said, you need to have an appetite to do justice to it. I recommend the whopper highly if you are very hungry. If not, there are smaller burger options as well.

Next I sampled the cheesy Italian fries, and this one I did finish. The sauce was both tangy and spicy, and I could not resist gorging on them even though I was feeling pretty heavy.

Cheesy italian fries on the left and kheema fries on the right

Cheesy italian fries on the left and kheema fries on the right

I did hear from the non-vegetarians in our group that the non-veg kheema fries and the mutton whopper was badass. They took a couple of samples from my veg platter then gave me pitying looks, like poor veg food blogger doesn’t know what she’s missing kind of looks.

Well, I don’t know what I am missing, but if you are non-veg it does seem like the mutton whopper was the star of the show, and you should probably try that when you visit.

Another awesome side was the veg chili cheezos. These are kind of like cheesy nuggets, and are seriously addictive. Skip the small plates, and order a medium or large because these are just simply too good.

I didn’t get a chance to take a photo of the cheezos as it simply vanished within minutes into our tummies, so here’s a stock photo I picked up from the Zomato site.

The awesome cheezos

Awesome cheezos on the side

All this eating made us super-thirsty and so we elected to sample some of their juices and shakes as well. I opted for the mango shake and the pink limon chiller. I love that Burger King has so many quality drink options so you don’t have to go for that tired Coke or Pepsi drinking options that you do at other burger joints.

The pink limon worked perfectly with the burger

The pink limon worked perfectly paired with the burger

The mango shake is made of real mango pulp and was absolutely delicious. The pink limon is a bit like a jaljeera, leaving a tangy/spicy aftertaste. Both the drinks were good, but the next time I visit, I am going to try the chocolate shake, and see how that one is.

Overall, the Burger King experience was a pleasant surprise. I was impressed by the quality (and quantity) of the food for the price. I mean, the most expensive dish on the menu is probably the mutton whopper checking in at Rs. 169/- , which is not bad at all.

See my slider on top for menu and costing.


Top floor, Phoenix Market City Mall,
Whitefield Road,
Bangalore – 560048

  • Dennis the Vizsla

    hello nishita its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow they do not hav those intresting dishes at the burger king heer!!! if they did maybe dada wood go their wunse in a wile insted of always going to in n owt burger!!! ok bye


    Looks like there menu is completely different from their US menu. Your photos are so tempting. I will make it a point to visit it when I am in India. 🙂

    • Avada

      their* menu

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