Custom Built PCs that are out of this World


Standing tall in the realm of custom-built PCs, Computer Planet offers their clients not only quality off the shelf PCs and laptops, but outstanding customer service as well. PCs can be purchased as they are, with added or subtracted components, or built to the customer’s personal specifications.

As soon as a consumer places their custom order online, it is sent to their own purposely built factory in Warrington. The technicians there put it together with high quality components and it is shipped straight to the customer’s home in as little as one day. Before leaving the factory, every system undergoes a rigorous thirty-six hour, twenty-five point checklist test. Included in this testing process are fifty automatic reboots and a clean Windows operating system install. This ensures that the customer is able to use their PC the very day they receive it. All systems are tucked safely into custom-made shipping boxes and protected with quality packing materials before heading to their new homes.

Besides building PCs, Computer Planet also carries a vast range of software for the gamer, laptop users, as well as covering most business needs. This allows the company to help build the PC a customer really wants.

It must be noted that custom-built PCs are not only for gamers in this day and age. Of the fifty thousand computers the company has sold all over the UK since 2006, they have crafted systems for music lovers, photo editing enthusiasts, media centers, and home offices. They also offer silent PCs and multi-monitors.

Computer Planet is the only UK-based custom PC builder with a customer service representative available to chat live Monday through Friday, allowing any questions that may crop up with a new system to be answered knowledgeably and in a timely fashion.

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