Are You a Traveling Foodie? 6 Foods You Should Check Out // Guest Post


Trying different dishes is a must for foodies, whether it’s a new take on an old classic like steak or something a bit more exotic, like ceviche. However, to really experience the best of the best, you need to travel to the restaurants where they make certain foods to perfection. Check out these food joints around the world which serve up one specialty dish that’s better than any other version out there.

Steak: El Carpicho in Jimenez de Jamuz, Spain

Multiple food critics have called the steak at El Carpicho the best one they’ve ever had. This dish is made in such an exacting way that it’s a sure thing every time. It’s always taken from the central rib area of a 16-year-old Rubia Gallega ox then dry-aged for 90 days. This rural bodega is worth the trek to visit.

Ceviche: Chez Wong in Lima, Peru

It’s only fitting that this Peruvian dish is made best in the nation’s capital. Foodies must reserve a table months in advance at this unique spot, which actually is just one room in Chef Wong’s house. The ceviche is made with the best Pacific sole available and prepared with traditional techniques and classic ingredients for that fresh, flavorful ceviche taste.

Lobster: Cull & Pistol in Manhattan, NYC

Image via Flickr by dpstyles™

You’ll have to hit the Big Apple to find the tastiest lobsters in the world. This succulent seafood dish is best prepared at Lobster Place’s Cull & Pistol, where you can get the classic lobster roll two ways: Maine style (cold with mayo and scallions) or Connecticut style (warm with butter and lemon). The jury’s still out on which style is best, so we suggest trying both.

Ramen: Ramen Jiro in Tokyo, Japan

Ramen has a bad rap everywhere thanks to the ultra-cheap MSG-loaded packaged versions. In fact, the traditional version of this Japanese noodle soup is incredibly flavorful and complex. That’s what you’ll get at Ramen Jiro, though this local chain takes the soup to new levels with powerful punches of flavor from tender pork, garlic, and cabbage in a sweet sauce.

Pizza: Di Fara Pizza in Brooklyn, NYC

Image via Flickr by arnold | inuyaki

The best pizza in the world is crafted by Italian-born Domenico DeMarco, who also happens to come from a family of master pizziaolos. DeMarco actually makes each pizza by hand. The ingredient combo widely considered to be his best includes red sauce, extra virgin olive oil, fresh and aged mozzarella, hand-cut pepperoni, gran padano, and fresh basil.

Ice Cream: Corrado Costanzo in Sicily, Italy

Most foodies already know that Italy’s gelato is superior to American ice cream in many ways. For that reason, it seems fitting that an Italian location is the home of the best ice cream in the world. At Corrado Costanzo, the must-try dish is the mandarin-orange granita, a gelato dish that originated in Silicy and is perfected at this small establishment.   
You’ve never truly experienced these classic dishes until you’ve had them from the very best. Add these establishments to your foodie bucket list ASAP.

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