Three Ideas for Educational Field Trips for Children


Now that summer is here and kids are home from school, it’s the time to find some educational but fun trips for the kids. Here are some field trip ideas that have worked well for us as a family, and which I always recommend to other moms.


Art Gallery

If your child is interested in art, an art gallery or museum can be a fun and educational experience. Be sure to go over rules of behavior, speech and dress while in public with your children before going out. You may have your children study a favorite artist before going or just allow them to pick a favorite piece of art while they are there to research later. You may want to bring art supplies and have your children attempt to replicate some of the pieces of art. Or simply create their own work of art inspired by the artists in the gallery that day. It is easy to tie in history or geography lessons while studying pieces of art. The lessons in an art gallery are endless and this can be a great field trip option for any restless rainy days. Many galleries offer discounted or free admission to children, or if you go with friends, you may be able to get group rates.


The aquarium has long been a favorite field trip experience for children. The colors, fish and atmosphere entrance children. They will love taking the time to choose their favorite fish and learn their species. Allow them to take time to draw their favorite fish or aquarium set-up to take home. You will also have the opportunity to explain to children the differences between fresh, salt and brackish water. There are also educational opportunities to learn about various underwater habitats and lifestyles of fish. Children will greatly enjoy finding which fish may be found close to where you live and how far some of the fish have traveled to be in that aquarium.

Historical Locations

No matter where you live, you should be able to find ample historical locations within a couple hours drive of home. This may be old wagon trails, sites of infamous battles or simply homes of famous people. Do some research for your area and you should be able to find plenty of locations to take the children to. It will be far easier for the kids to remember historical facts if they have a field trip event to tie their memories to. It can also help foster a sense of local pride for children to feel connected with the past in their local area.

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