How to Get a Lean and Muscular Body?


You have started a stringent weight loss program, which is why you are pumping iron and breaking into a sweat regularly. You are also doing all the cardio, but all this is not enough for you to lose the desired amount of weight in a specified time frame.

If you want to meet the goal of looking lean, then you must follow a diet which will make you lean. It doesn’t matter that you work hard for more than an hour in the gym every day, but you are left with 23 hours in your hand. In these hours only a single diet mistake may affect your workout.

Remember, consuming the right kind of diet is as important as your exercise and it is called the backbone of your weight loss plan. You cannot have a lean and muscular body unless you follow a strict diet plan.

Get-lean Principles

You have to consume 1 g of protein per pound of your body weight. The right amount of protein will help you to maintain and preserve your lean muscle when you are dieting. Consume quality proteins like poultry, egg whites, and protein supplements.

You also have to keep a check on your intake of carbohydrates when you are striving to lose weight. You can consume as low as 100 grams of carbohydrate, whereas on a moderate day you can consume up to 150 grams of carbohydrate. Fiber rich carbohydrates are available in whole grain bread and oats.

In order to stay hydrated, drink at least a gallon of water every day. Water is supposed to be the primary drink when you are on a diet. Although, a lot of people prefer low-calorie drinks, but water is the most suitable and preferred drink. a liquid formulation of various health products can be used.

Staying on Track

It is said old habits die hard; you will find it really challenging to leave your old eating habits. The first 15 days of a new diet pattern are the most difficult to follow. If you can resist temptation during those days, then you multiply your chances to succeed in weight loss goal.

Take a few photographs of yourself; this will keep your motivation high. People do it for a number of reasons like they are competing in a bodybuilding show, or looking forward for a reunion. When you feel hungry, take protein shakes and don’t opt for sugary drinks. You can take a liquid formulation of different products with protein powder.

How Much Should you Lose?

It depends on body types and the metabolic rate that how much a person can lose if he follows a strict diet. Some men can lose 5 pounds of weight every week, whereas experts suggest losing 2-3 pounds only.

Sometime you lose enough weight in the first week, but after that you plateau. In such cases, you need to tweak your fitness regime. You may have to do more intense exercises to make your fitness regime challenging and to shock your body into losing weight.

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