Bindu’s Raza – An Art Book Discovery


It’s a known fact for regular readers on the blog that Snubnose is heavily into art. What is probably not as well known is that I have a zero eye for art, absolutely no knowledge about artists, and art history. So she depends pretty much on her art teacher to show her through the basics, and I depend pretty much on Google to add to her basic knowledge.

What I didn’t know was the possibility of art books for young children until just recently when Snubnose pointed it out at a book fair, and though it’s written in language far too young for her, I bought it.

Raza's Bindu

Raza’s Bindu

Published by Scholastic, the book gives a brief artist biography, and some information on the artist’s style. It’s written in very simple language, and the illustrations are simple but beautiful.

Simple writing and lovely illustrations

Simple writing and lovely illustrations

I particularly loved the worksheets at the end of the book where the child can attempt to create their own art work based on the artist’s style.

Snubnose recreates Raza's Bindu

Snubnose recreates Raza’s Bindu

A Rangmala worksheet

A Rangmala worksheet

Piglet lent a hand with the last worksheet, which is probably why it looks messier

Spirals and Circles

Spirals and Circles

So basically, Snubnose loved this book and even though it is way too young for her, I thought it’s a handy reference guide and I am now on the lookout for more such similar books. I assumed it would be easy to find the rest of the books in this series (and it does seem like a series), but all my googling seems to indicate that this is a standalone book 🙁 . Hopefully more such books will be published soon. I loved the simplicity of the book, the worksheets, and the pricing of the book is also competitive enough to encourage people to buy it.

Do you have any recommendations on art books for children?

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