Why do Book Quotes Have Such an Impact?


The love for books and the knowledge that is obtained from them has become the substance in many ideologies, philosophies and other reverential thoughts throughout many generations and a lot of this comes from the words, phrases and sentences that surface and stay in the hearts and minds of many people.

From Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet quotes, to Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird Quotes and even the many quotes from Paulo Coelho, we end up getting fascinated with the stories but also aware of a lot of different subject matters because of these memorable and meaningful lines more commonly known as quotes.

Quotes Speak of Reality

Having a book at hand and reading words and lines create the world that encompasses a story and a lot of these times these thoughts come from the state of the real world that we live.

Writers and authors are often inspired by real life events that either happened to them or people they know, these in turn translate to different words and lines that they produce into stories.


Quotes Put Truth into Writing

Following the different circumstances that come from authors and writers who look to making books that overflow with creativity either through fact or fiction, the string of ideas they speak of reveal hidden or outright truths.

Different lines and words combined reflect what often is pushed aside, the truthful matters that happen within society which many become more open to and relate with through different kinds of books and the quotes that lie within these.

Quotes Reach the Heart and Mind

As soon as a book is read with depth and understood with much attention and an open mind, individuals will be able to exercise their heart’s passion and lengthen the information in their mind.

Each of the words that are seen with the eyes and broken through to the thoughts create the challenging resolve of acceptance not just in added knowledge but also in emotional recognition.

Quotes Magnify what is and what is not

Whether romance, academic, history or narrative, books have the main purpose of opening the minds of people who take the chance of reading through all the pages.

Each of the pages and chapters, all in its entirety reveal the world that was, is and will be and quotes from these pieces often suffice the overall content of the world that is and one that is not.

Quotes Relate to All Audiences

A great boon is the ability of quotes to transcend from generation to generation, revealing that a lot can be learned from the past, that the present is still a work in progress, and the future is uncertain.

Starting from fairy tales for children, to academic literature for those in serious studies, up to the suspense, thriller or romantic book past times of working adults, quotes vary but there is always one that will touch your heart if you pick up a book to read.

  • Thanasis Karavasilis

    I could not agree more. Quotes are at their best when they are understood and act upon. Just quoting is…well…just quoting!

    I want to thank you for a very interesting article and for linking back to my article. I hope you like the pictures!

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