Going Sleek with ASUS at The Indiblogger Meet


Last week, I was lucky enough to score an invite for one of the hottest get-togethers in Bangalore. This was for the Indiblogger meet and greet session at ITC Gardenia where the folks from ASUS came to present a couple of their hot products.

The two products that ASUS were presenting were:

The ASUS All-in-One PC

The ASUS All-in-One PC


The ASUS EeeBook

The ASUS EeeBook

I was particularly interested in the latter as I am so much on the go these days. Being a mom of two small kids, I have found, inevitably means a lot of waiting as they finish up some activity at a playschool, or a friend’s party, or just a regular ole class. I use this downtime to generally run errands and if I am free, writing out blog post ideas in my notebook, which I then type on to the blog late in the night.

True, I have an iPad that I have used in the past for blogging on the go, but it’s old and slow now, and pretty much good for games, books, and some email, not actually any hard-core work.

And so I was pretty interested in the EeeBook to see if that would make a budget laptop. On Flipkart, it’s priced at 14,999/- a real steal.

Anyway, the EeeBook was the reason I went but I ended up having such a nice time with all the other activities as well. There were almost 200 bloggers in the room and the atmosphere was electric. Everyone was so charged up and happy to be there.

A Full House

A Full House

To start off there was a truly horrendous head-banging performance to get people moving. Yes, I said horrendous. The thing is, a full-blown musical performance really requires an open space and/or good acoustics. Plus, the band decided to play one of my all-time favorites – Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics, and murdered it so very badly, I who was right up in front all eager slowly made my way to the back and tried to tune out the music.

The people who weren't taking photographs were just standing around with their hands crossed

The people who weren’t taking photographs were just standing around with their arms crossed

I spent some time taking photos of the lovely table decorations, and helping myself to some really yummy starters – the sesame paneer was just divine.

Simple but tasteful flower arrangement

Simple but tasteful flower arrangement

After the music, the fun started with some lively getting to know each other activities, and networking. It was great to see so many bloggers gathered together and I had a blast getting to know so many people.

Then the main feature started with the ASUS people making a short presentation explaining about their products.

The presenter David was really knowledgeable about the products and did a good job explaining the USP of ASUS.

Presenting the ASUS laptop and PC

Presenting the ASUS laptop and PC

He also mingled with the crowd answering people’s questions, and showing the products. There was a lot of interest in the gesture technology where a user can control the PC using hand gestures instead of a keyboard or touch screen.

I think this was a mouse click that he was performing for us

I think this was a mouse click that he was performing for us

I was a little curious about the usage of such a feature. I couldn’t actually see a real-life need for it, but then David explained it to me in a little more detail, and I have captured it to share with you 🙂

After the presentation we were divided into teams to do a skit. Our team was probably the worst of the lot – I mean we were like embarrassingly bad, so bad that no one even knew the skit was over. It was only when we walked off the stage that people realized we were done and started clapping in a WTF was that kind of way.

Anyway, we put our embarrassing performance aside and rushed out of the hall to get dibs at the buffet line. As expected in a hotel of the quality of ITC Gardenia, the food was top class, and we had a great meal.

Then it was a rush of bye byes and meet yous, and a last exchange of business cards before I rushed off home, I really wanted to exit before the bulk of the crowd blocked the entrance of the hotel and started off a traffic jam. So, I left about 10 minutes early, and this really paid off as I whizzed back home in no time at all.

All in all, it was a fabulous event, very well-organized, and in short so much fun! I’m so glad I went.

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  • vikram

    Hi Nishita, you were at the Asus Indiblogger meet, I didn’t see you. Nice twist in your review it tangled at the end about the skit. Cheers!

  • Wanton Ruminating

    Sounds like fun. My hubby just bought an Asus a few months back and is pretty happy with it – except when it decides to update itself smack in the middle of whatever he is doing. I too like the Eeebook considering that this old boy I am working on has been coughing and spluttering towards his demise for quite some time now. 🙂

    • Nishita

      @Wanton Ruminating:disqus I know, I am in the same boat too. I use my hubby’s old laptop (that’s as good as the good ole PC to blog), and it’s pretty frustrating. But the event although sponsored by ASUS had very little info. It was more of a fun event than an actual presentation.

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