Five Best Mobile Apps to Help you Save Money while Shopping


There’s no denying that smartphones have made our lives easier in all aspects. But with the bulk of mobile applications available, there are some that can actually help you earn money solely by using them; whether for grocery shopping or by simply playing a game. Although, they don’t necessarily help you earn a living, these mobile tools have the ability to recoup some of your overall expenses, as long as you avoid pitfalls.

You probably already use your phone more often than you’d care to admit. Gaming Realms, the company behind Spin Genie, has said that in 2012, there were about 1 billion smartphone users globally, but many experts estimate this number to double by the end of this year. All over the world, we’re seeing an incredible shift in favor of mobile usage, and lucky for us, this means that a wealth of apps has been developed for just about every need.


If you’ve ever spent more than you wanted to while out shopping, here are some of our most recommended money-saving tools:

  • ZipList

    ZipList shows that grocery shopping doesn’t have to be expensive. Basically, it allows you to plan your shopping strategically by creating your weekly meal plan, which you can sync with your phone before heading to the grocery. Select and print out the recipes for the week, and the tool will make exact calculations for your ingredients. To save cash, ZipList offers you some shopping coupons for the items included on your weekly list.

  • Ibotta

    Depending on your location, Ibotta offers the best way to earn money by purchasing items. Using the app is simple: just download it for free, select the listed items, complete the task, buy the product, and earn cash. Another way of earning is by using a separate bar code reader, and take a photo of the receipt. On top of this, Ibotta also offers a bonus mechanism. If you earned 20$ on your first week, it grants a bonus of $10, which is directed to your PayPal account.

  • Receipt Hog

    If you find the Ibotta too advanced, then the Receipt Hog is perfect for you. Aside from taking photos of your receipts, you can earn rewards by taking surveys about your shopping experience. Once it’s completed, it gives you “virtual coins,” which you can donate to charity or convert it to cash. To protect your transactions, Receipt Hog doesn’t sell your personal identification to third-party applications.

  • CheckPoints

    CheckPoints allows you to redeem cash points solely by entering a shopping mall or a grocery store, scan products, or recommending the app to your friends. You can use the accumulated points to redeem gift cards from Amazon and Walmart for cool gadgets. According to Torrey Kim, there are many ways of getting “infinite” rewards:

    • Scanning associated products
    • Checking Facebook
    • Earning money from home
    • Utilize virtual coins to earn more rewards
  • GigWalk

    Developed by Yahoo!’s former employees, GigWalk uses a unique approach on how you can save money. You can earn extra cash by simply driving around your local town while taking pictures of a restaurant’s menu, shopping establishments, or taking a survey about a local business. As you complete a “gig”, it will give you monetary rewards ranging from $2-$15. The beauty about it is that the longer your gig gets, the more you’ll make money, which is sent to your PayPal account. If you did good on your previous gig, you can gain access to higher-paying ones.

Shopping has never been easier and rewarding with these mobile apps. With the tools we’ve mentioned, going into a local store becomes a breeze, allowing you to leave a shopping district with your pockets full.

Did I miss an important app? Feel free to share them below.

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  • Jennine G.

    Walmart app has Savings Catcher. Scan on your Walmart receipt and in three days they will compare your receipt to surrounding stores, giving you money back for anything they find cheaper elsewhere. You can let the amount save up and transfer to a gift card anytime.

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