Getting Married in Koh Samui


It seems that a number of couples are choosing to get married in Koh Samui. This conclusion can be made from the rising inquiries, reviews as well as bookings on different destinations in the region. Koh Samui is the second largest island in Thailand coming only second to Phuket. It is located on the Chumphon Archipelago which lies on the eastern coast of Kra Isthmus.


The following are some reasons that make the region a top choice for weddings:

Diverse Locations

One of the most noticeable features of Koh Samui is its diverse scenic location. Located on the edge of the island, Koh Samui is surrounding by large tracts of sandy beaches. The place is also covered with many coconut trees that offer lots of natural shade. There are lots of coral reefs that stretch along the shoreline as well as in the water. The features in the island have maintained their pristine and natural state and make a wedding at the site memorable.

Wedding Centre

Koh Samui always features among the top wedding locations due to its diverse wedding venues. The region is known as the wedding island due to the many marriages that take place. In fact, matrimonial ceremonies are the main activities in the island. Finding a good wedding planner, organizer or venue is quite simple. All sort of venues are found in Koh Samui and will suit any kind of that wedding. These include small or large parties, beach weddings, wedding at the park, ceremonies in villas, mountain retreats and much more.

Attractive Packages

Quite a number of people who chose to get married in koh samui do so because of the attractive wedding packages. There are many wedding planners and organizers in the region. Also, there are many wedding locations which consist of beach resorts, villas, hotels and more. Quite often, the planners offer special packages to couples planning to get married. To take advantage of the wedding packages, an individual or couples only need to visit the internet to get the latest deals.

Tropical Climate

Every couple’s dream is to have a memorable and exciting wedding. One thing that is on top of their mind is good weather. Koh Samui has tropical weather that is experienced for most part of the year. The bright blue skies and plenty of sunshine assure a wedding party of beautiful outdoor wedding. In fact, most couples always chose to combine the wedding with the honeymoon due to its tropical weather and climate.

Choosing a good wedding destination can be an uphill task. In fact, this is becoming more difficult as more-and-more attractive locations come up. Nonetheless, destinations such as Koh Samui have for a long time remained popular with many couples. As a matter of fact, the popularity is increasing as the days pass by. Any couple looking for a good location will find getting married in Koh Samui a good idea. It offers good locations and beautiful scenes, which will always bring back recollections with nostalgia.

  • Wow so nice post. Well explained. I wish I could enjoy my marriage ceremony in such a place….

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