Dettol Multi-use Wipes: Product Review


When you have small kids, hygiene is of utmost importance. I remember when Snubnose and Piglet were tiny babies, that I who used to be very bindaas about such matters suddenly went out and bought hand sanitizers, wipes, and bottles and bottles of Dettol to banish germs from our house.

Of course, banishing germs is a near-impossible task especially when we live near a construction site and have dust and ash blown in our faces every time we step foot out of the house.

But just because something’s impossible, doesn’t mean that an attempt can’t be made, right?

Hence, the heavy usage of wipes.

Unfortunately, I have never been very happy with the quality of a lot of the wipes currently available on the market. Most of them have a very chemical type of smell, and the brand names like Pigeon etc. did not inspire me with any confidence.

So when Indiblogger contacted me asking if I would like to review Dettol’s multi-use wipes, I said yes instantly. I am a strong believer in the Dettol brand name and I just know that they will put out a quality product. After all it’s been around since I was a kid and the smell of Dettol is still something that brings out a lot of nostalgia for the good old days in me.

Within a couple of days of saying yes, the wipes were at my desk, and I was wondering what uses I can put it to.


Of course, the most obvious use first was for the kids. I used these wipes heavily on the go while driving around town running errands with the littles in tow. Although not explicitly advised for children, I found them pretty gentle on the skin. I was especially impressed because Piglet’s skin is quite sensitive and he does get rashes from time to time if I change up his bathing products.

But Dettol wipes worked fine for him. I even used it a couple of times while cleaning up his diaper situations while on the go and they were fantastic super strong in cleaning up even the yuckiest messes while at the same time gentle on his skin.

These wipes are alcohol-free so I can use them on the kids without worrying about dryness. I believe they can also be used on faces to wipe off make-up and stuff, but I wouldn’t go that far. I think they are a great cleaning product, but I wouldn’t extend that use to my face.

I have however used these wipes to wipe down tables and counters in a jiffy. Overall, I would say they are a great multi-use utility and I recommend them highly.

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  • Pricing – These wipes are great value for the price. Depending on where you buy, the prices range from  Rs 45 for a pack of 10 wipes up to Rs 115 for  a pack of 30 wipes. Obviously, the pack of 30 is more economical.
  • Very easy to use and portable. They are really handy, and the smaller packs fit into even the smallest bag.
  • Gentle on the skin, and does not have too strong a chemical smell.
  • Do a thorough job of cleaning.
  • Alcohol-free!!!
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None that I can think of. It pretty much lives up to it’s multi-use name. I liked it very much.

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  • Jumbodium
    December 23, 2014

    Dettol is very hygienic and I recommend the same for me and my family as well. Thank u for the share….

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