Innovative Ways of Cooking with Air Fryers


In this modern age, electrical appliances have taken over the main stage and overpowered the traditional methods. Even in cooking, the traditional cooking tools and techniques are replaced by modern cooking gadgets and methods. One very good example of this paradigm shift is the air fryer. This is a novel cooking concept that has taken the cooking world like a storm. What is this air fryer? What is the technology? Is this cooking safe? Does it retain the nutritive value of food? What are the different kinds of air fryers available in the market?

So, what is this air fryer?

An air fryer, which is also called as oil-less fryer, is a device that uses hot air to cook food. The heat is produced by a coil and then rotated inside the container using a fan. This novel technology makes sure that all parts of the food are cooked properly and uniformly. If you are cooking food items that don’t contain oil at all, then you will have to add a little amount of oil. By and large, if you are cooking food for three people, you can use one teaspoon of oil.

The Kenstar Oxy Fryer

The Kenstar Oxy Fryer

You can see that there is a lot of savings when you are using the oil-free fryer. Generally, when you have to deep fry a food item, you need three to four litres of oil. Most of the oil gets soaked into the food items, making them very high in cholesterol and fat. In comparison with deep-frying, you will find that there are several benefits of air frying these days. Women can keep the oil-less fryer directly on the dining table and make the cooked food items without going to the kitchen. Also, the time taken to cook food in the air fryer is much lesser as compared to the deep-frying cooking method. Quick food items such as French fries, cooked potatoes, etc. can be easily made in the oil-less fryer.

When you are buying oil-free fryers, you have to keep an eye on the cost and the brand that you are selecting. Some unbranded products may not have the accessories and other features of the regular oil-free fryers. Good brands of oil-free fryers will offer goodies such as recipe books that will help you in preparing oil-free dishes. You may also get a good separator along with the oil-free fryer that will help you in separating the foods inside the container of the oil-free fryer. So, with the help of the separator, you can fry chicken and fish together any other combinations in which you don’t want one food to touch the other food. You may also get a baking dish along with the other accessories. This baking dish is made out of a special material that does not allow the food to stick to its inner surfaces. The oil-free fryer is really compact and it can be carried quite easily from one place to another. There is a temperature gauge on the top of the oil-free fryer, which helps you adjust the temperature while cooking different foods.

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