The Growing popularity of Pizzas and Pizza Chains


With pizza already emerging as a popular and preferred fast food amongst the young Indian generation, the opening up of various pizza outlets, chains and even one-of-a kind restaurants is not surprising.  Unbelievable but true, you will find pizzas being sold in every type of restaurant and even at roadside stalls across the country.

For foodies who strive on street food, a pizza could mean layer of tomato ketchup, a few slices of bell peppers, onion, meat and loads of grated cheese baked to crispiness. But those who love pizza made in the authentic style and tradition, the pizza is definitely an epicurean dish. Over the years, it has evolved a great way with distinguishing tastes offered on account of the thickness of the crust, the cheese used, the toppings and even the making of the pizza sauce.

With each pizzeria preferring to use selected raw ingredients for offering that unique taste, some say ‘it’s in the sauce’, some say ‘it’s in the cheese’ while for some ‘it’s in the toppings’ and so on. Nevertheless, making of a crispy and crusty pizza is what comes with experience. Of course, the local pizzeria may be serving fresh baked pizzas as per your taste but there are quite a few pizza chains which have become immensely popular too.

Amongst the most popular pizza chains across the country, Pizza Hut and Dominos Pizza are on the top. With a widespread presence and extensive expansion, they are known by one and all. Though Pizza Hut offers dine in and delivery options, Dominos Pizzas thrive more on takeaways and delivery orders of pizzas.

Do look out for the toppings on the offer which include both vegetarian and non vegetarian options, the popular ones being black olives, jalapeno, gherkins, baby corn, mushroom, paneer, chicken sausage, chicken salami, barbequed chicken and a whole range of herbs along with the usual toppings of tomatoes, onions and yellow, red and green bell peppers.


Pizza base has been improvised as per taste and you can opt for  wheat thin crust pizza if you are health conscious or opt for a cheese burst for those who don’t mind gorging on extra cheese stuffed in the base while the pan sized pizza bases are equally popular.

The USP of Dominos Pizzas lies in its promptest delivery service on almost all throughout the day. You can easily place an order online or through phone or even opt for visiting the outlet for placing an order. Moreover, online ordering of pizza proves very convenient since you can order it even when you are on way home and get it delivered by the time you reach home. This works if you are extremely hungry and can no longer wait for reaching home to cook or place order for food and get it delivered home.

With the added advantage of enjoying additional discounts on online orders as offered by Dominos on a regular basis, you can save a great deal of money too.  To avail these discounts, you just need to place the pizza order on Dominos website and place the coupons code as you check out for the same.

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