Picking Out Birthday Gifts for Close Friends


As you get older, the significance of your birthday generally reduces. Instead of looking forward to it all year, you may even find your birthday creeping up on you seemingly out of nowhere. Why this is, is anyone’s guess but can probably be attributed to the fact that the more birthdays you have, the less special they are.

However, while you may feel your own birthday isn’t as important as it was when you were a kid, remembering a friends birthday remains important forever. While giving them a simple happy birthday is a nice gesture, close friends require special treatment – a birthday gift. If you’re one who hates picking out gifts, picking one out for your close friend is probably a stressful experience. Luckily we have some routes you can look into that can give you some ideas.

These ideas include everything from a trip to Las Vegas or a DVD boxset to onesie pajamas from www.onesiestore.com.au/. Remember to let your creativity and imagination run wild when considering these options.

Buy an Experience

Material possessions have their place and if your friend really wants something, it may be the best option. However, many material possessions only hold their value for so long. Instead, when considering a present for close friends think about buying them an experience. Pay close attention to what your friend talks about – do you hear them saying how they want to go somewhere, see a certain movie or watch their favorite sports team play? This gives you great ideas for a present that will last a lifetime. Ideas include tickets to a sports game, a road trip (an idea that could be quite cheap, yet unforgettable all the same) or even the extreme of buying a full blown trip to somewhere they’ve always wanted to going.


Of course, buying an experience such as these isn’t always financially feasible. Luckily, teaming up with your group of friends to split the costs will make this a very doable and unforgettable gesture.

Consider Their Interests

Taking your friend on the trip of their lifetime as a birthday present is probably unmatched – but again, it doesn’t always make sense from a financial standpoint. If this is the case, simply considering your friends interests is a great place to start. If you know that your friend loves watching a certain TV show, buy them something in regards to that. This could include a DVD boxset, clothing or anything of that nature. The same can be said with sports – perhaps a jersey of their favorite player will put a smile on their face. Whatever you do, make sure it’s personalized. You don’t want to get a close friend a generic gift that you could have gotten anyone. You want to get them something special that they will know you put a lot of thought into.

Gag Gifts

Unless you have a very sentimental relationship with your friend, maybe you don’t want to buy something that means a lot – maybe you think this is cheesy. For those close friends who wouldn’t appreciate a gift anyways, there’s always the gag gifts option. Here, the choices are literally limited only by your imagination. You can do everything from make them an exploding cake to buying them an animal onesie from a website. Sure, these gifts may not be as sentimental as the ones listed above but they’re sure to get a laugh and be unforgettable all the same.

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