WW: Tiger Mauling Incident Dredges Up a Memory


Early this week, there was this news article all over the papers about that guy who fell into a tiger’s enclosure in New Delhi Zoo, and got mauled to death.

My heart dropped a little bit when it reminded me of the time K went and posed next to a tiger in Sriracha Tiger Zoo in Thailand.

K Posing with the Tiger

K Posing with the Tiger

Sheesh! What was he thinking? This week’s incident is a sober reminder that wild animals are not to be messed with, whatever the circumstances.

  • My soul would love to pet a tiger.
    My brain would be scared to death.

  • Very true! Wild animals are wild. You can’t predict what they’ll do. A student at Rutgers University in New Jersey just got killed by a black bear — another reminder of the same thing.

    (I love my university’s mascot tiger, but I prefer to love him with heavy glass between us.)

  • So sad about the man getting mauled by a tiger. What a terrible way to die!

    Love the photo of K and the tiger though! He’s a lot braver than I would be!

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