Why You Need San Antonio Water Softener Services // Guest Post


The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has rated San Antonio with a superior water system grade. That does not, however, cover for the fact that San Antonio has hard water. For as long as we have lived here, our tubs, shower doors and showers used to get soap scum while we were using the facilities. We came to discover that we were spending too much time on household chores and not together as a family. The solution came in the form of a San Antonio Water Softer system installation.

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Water develops into hard water when minerals naturally gets mixed in with water sources. These naturally occurring minerals make it hard for detergents, soap, and shampoo to lather. This used to force us to scrub harder when cleaning our home. As such, the term hard water initially referred to water that was difficult or hard to work with.

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Mundane and dreary tasks such as doing the laundry, washing dishes and cleaning up our bathrooms and kitchen surfaces are easier and much less time-consuming as a result of water softened by the new system. Our family members are enjoying notably shinier hair and softer skin too. The opposite was the reality.


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The installation of the water softening equipment system in our home substantially reduced the hardness causing materials in hard water. Salt pellets inside the softening machine system are continuously used to charge thousands upon thousands of tiny resin beads with ions of sodium. As the hard water percolates over the resin beads, the hardiness causing minerals are replaced with sodium ions, the result being soft water.

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In as much as the joys of soft water far outweigh the maintenance of the system that softens the water, a task we used to dread was changing the softener pellets. We used to carry bags of salt to the softer system for quite a long time.

Fortunately, our solution provider kept up to date with development in the industry. Softening salts today come in two-handled bags, which make it much easier and comfortable to change salts.

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When I realized the challenges hard water was bringing to my family, I searched the internet and came across www.atexplumbingofsanantonio.com. These San Antonio water softener repair and maintenance experts have engaged in the service for over twenty-five years and have come to turn the service into an art.

On the first visit after I called them, the technicians were prompt, very helpful and polite. They displayed their dexterity and cleaned up after themselves. There was very little disruption to our day-to-day activities and they constantly call upon us to check the system’s performance.

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If you live in San Antonio and you do not have a water softener, give Atex Plumbing of San Antonio a call for a free evaluation of the needs for your home and family. In any case, spending time with your family is better than on tiresome hard water based household chores.

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