Five Ways a Personal Chef Can Work Wonders for you

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What is more pleasurable than having your very own personal chef cook for you? Upcoming trends today include having a personal chef cater for you and serve you in style. There are about 6,000 personal chefs in the U.S., 3,000 of whom are active APCA members.

Today, no one really wants to be bothered to cook after coming back from a long day at work, and all they really want is some home cooked food to relish. Thus, being a personal chef is becoming an increasingly important profession. It is also ranked as the 4th fastest home based profession.


Sometimes, after spending many years in an industrial kitchen of several big hotels, a chef just wants to step down. Becoming a personal chef allows him the freedom of putting up a meal but with less pressure and probably fewer people to serve on a regular basis. It is this experience which allows him to put up some excellent, individual dishes at your home. Being a personal chef is definitely an income booster. Making pre-packaged meals for clients on a regular basis has increased chefs’ income by 50-60% almost in a year! A personal chef is said to earn close to $35- $50 per hour on an average!

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  • A rich experience – In all probability, your personal chef has worked several years in a big hotel kitchen after which he has taken up this profession. With the planning for a meal and exclusive preparations that he has done in an industrial kitchen, your personal chef brings all that cumulative experience into your very own kitchen, in a meal made specifically for you!
  • Low start-up cost – A low start-up cost is one of the biggest benefits one can receive from getting into the personal chef business. Apart from cost of equipment such as pots and pans and maybe a little advertising cost (mainly word of mouth), it really isn’t very expensive to set up.
  • Meals customized for every occasion – Whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary, or a corporate lunch, you can have your very own personal chef cater for you and serve you customized meals too! That’s one of the biggest advantages of having a personal chef. There were 4,900 people employed as private household chefs, according to the Occupational Employment Statistics (OES).
  • Exclusive meals -From shopping for groceries to planning the meal, to laying out the table to presenting food in the chef’s own dishes, the meal turns out to be an extremely exclusive one in the end. So if you have special guest coming over, this can be your ticket to impress them, while your personal chef impresses you!
  • Convenience – The aspect of convenience that is brought about by hiring your own personal chef is singular. If you are looking for quality food styled beautifully and presented well in surroundings chosen specifically for you, then let your personal chef handle the cuisine aspect! Within the next 5 years at the present rate of growth, there will be nearly 20,000 personal chefs in the U.S., serving nearly 300,000 clients and contributing $1 billion.

Now, you can hire your own personal chef in Cabo easily. No need to go places to eat the delicious food you need when you can do so sitting right in your home!

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