Five Practical Stress Busting Tips That Don’t Break the Bank

[infobox maintitle=”Guest Post Contribution” subtitle=”” bg=”yellow” color=”black” opacity=”off” space=”30″ link=”no link”]Inevitably trying to juggle many commitments, along with worries about finances or health, contribute significantly to soaring stress levels. If you find yourself increasingly frazzled, take a few minutes of well-earned me time and read on for five inexpensive and effective activities which will not only cut stress but also provide a range of other positive and life-enhancing benefits.

Center Yourself, Learn to Meditate

Several medical studies have shown that people who meditate regularly experience lower levels of depression and anxiety, with some research even indicating that mediation can lower blood pressure and reduce pain. There are several different meditation techniques which can be employed, so try various types to see which one you prefer. Meditation requires no special equipment and can be done anywhere, although beginners may prefer somewhere quiet where they can have an uninterrupted fifteen minutes or so.

Do Something Interesting or Create Something New

It doesn’t matter if you’re the next Picasso or all fingers and thumbs when it comes to practical activities, creating something feels good. Whether you chose to dust down your sewing machine and run up a statement garment, or simply get down and dirty with the duct tape and PVA glue to design the ultimate junk monster with the kids, creativity rocks.

If you’ve a talent for a particular craft, why not start a cottage industry producing unique gifts to sell? The ‘loom band craze’ is one such example but some of the more creative minds can create wonderful cross-stitched pieces, produce quality handicrafts from trash or sustainable materials such as the eye-catching Bambike.

Go Out and Enjoy Nature – Its Free!

Fresh air is good for everybody and walking has proven health benefits, so get the family together and go out. Walks can always be livened up with geocaching or a tour of interesting landmarks. Moving in the great outdoors is a fantastically healthy and cheap day out suitable for the whole family.

Start Overhauling Your Diet

Even with the best intentions, it’s surprising how processed food, takeaways and sugary snacks can creep into your diet. Try making gradual healthy swaps, opting for natural “whole” foods where you can. Batch cooking meals means you can always have something in the freezer to quickly reheat if you’re running late and prevents the last-minute What’s for dinner? panic.

Open New Avenues and Try Out Something New

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to your daily routine, which can increase feelings of stress as so much time seems to be taken up with the necessities of life. A great way of creating positive feelings of excitement and get some new ideas is to do something different. Even if it’s only walk to work a different way, try a fresh ingredient in your cookery or have a go at an evening class, every new activity puts us in contact with new people and places, opening up different opportunities that could lead anywhere.

The tips above prove that stress-busting need not have to be expensive to be effective. Taking a little time every day to spend on productive, creative activity can improve both mental and physical health, refreshing body, mind and spirit and enabling you to manage life’s pressures and difficulties more easily.

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