cc_logo1 When you have frisky little ones, it’s hard to do lunch at a regular restaurant. Half the time there is no baby chair for Piglet, and if there is a baby-chair, there’s no strap!!! I don’t get it, what kind of baby chair is it, if it doesn’t prevent Piglet from lunging at the cutlery and then falling on to the table?

But I was determined to celebrate my birthday (birthday was last month, this is a delayed celebration), and so we tried CounterCulture, which is not the regular type of sit-down restaurant.

An added bonus? It’s located very conveniently in Mahadevpura on Whitefield Road, so if if things go south, we are only 10 minutes from home.

My friends recommended CounterCulture’s Sunday brunch highly and so we decided it would be a great place to catch up with our entire group.

Seating is outside, and if it gets too hot (and it did), they provide huge fans spraying mist, so heat or no heat, it’s very pleasant sitting outside on the benches in the shade. They do have inside seating as well, however, it’s much nicer outside under the trees.

They have a huge lawn and tons of trees, and the littles absolutely went to town playing with each other. This is a fantastic place to bring children.

They spent a lot of time swinging on the swings (at least Snubnose did), Piglet was just content to sit on the tyre and pretend to swing 🙂 .

Snubnose, Piglet, and the other kids fought hard and bitterly to get into the caterpillar. They were tumbling and shoving each other so badly. Snubnose being the biggest (ridiculous how she fought so fiercely with all the toddlers) won the fight and promptly inserted herself inside.

Playing hide and seek inside the caterpillar

A triumphant Snubnose inside the caterpillar

I suppose I should have moved my lazy ass from my chair and intervened, but I was too busy drowning in my Mojito to really bother. Survival of the fittest was my motto that day!

Delicious mojito and bloody mary accompanied the food. Unlimited!

A delicious mojito and bloody mary were great accompaniments to the food. Unlimited!

The drinks are mind-blowing and for the price of the buffet (Rs.1199/- with alcohol is the regular price), it makes sense to get well and truly smashed. Because of the huge number of people (almost 30 of us) in our party, we managed to get a discount on the price. So, if you’re going in a big group, be sure to try to negotiate.

I decided on the mojitos and K went for the Bloody Marys. Both were good. If you are going here, I suggest going for the alcoholic brunch option as the mocktails are not that great.

To be honest the food wasn’t great either. We enjoyed the wood-fire pizza and some of the starters (the regular stuff – cheese balls, potato wedges, paneer tikka, and so on) but that was about it.

The wood-fire pizza

The wood-fire pizza

There was no spaghetti (or any kind of pasta) for Piglet – which was a huge blow because pasta is pretty much all he eats when we go out.

Thankfully he agreed to make do with a plate of chinese chop suey, a huge tumbler of mango juice, and some cheese balls. Phew! I am really grateful that Piglet is starting to experiment a little bit more with his food choices. I so hate packing boxes of food every time we leave home.

If you’re vegetarian like we are, the options in the main course are very limited, ludicrously so. The only reason the buffet was worth the price was because of the unlimited drinks. I wouldn’t recommend this place if you are a teetotaler and/or a vegetarian.

For us though, in the celebratory mood we were in, it was just the perfect day!

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  • BethFishReads

    Sounds like a really fun place even if the food choices were limited. I bet that misty fan felt great.

  • I love eating outdoors and the mist fans do make it much more pleasant on a hot day. That’s to bad that the food was mediocre but it’s lovely that you had a nice time!

    • Nishita

      @BethFishReads:disqus @disqus_MmhuYoYz0y:disqus oh, those misty fans rocked! I was actually telling K they would be great to have around the house, considering how hot the afternoons are these days 😀

  • JoAnn @ Lakeside Musing

    I love eating outdoors and have seen those mist- spraying fans in Key West, Florida. Glad the mood, celebration, and drinks were worth the less-than-spectacular food.

  • I recently was introduced to paneer (in the form of Saag Paneer at our local Indian restaurant) and absolutely loved it. This sounds like a great restaurant to take young kids.

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