The Bestest Pool in the World


The above proclamation came from Snubnose during our visit to Chennai.

We went on a day-trip to Mahabalipuram not to explore the ancient town, but to spend some time in one of the fancy resorts close by. It was just way too hot for any exploring.

K googled a bit and decided the Radisson Blu Resort Temple Bay would be a good place to hang out. I was a little sceptical, I had been to this place once long ago (before it was taken over by Radisson), and it was a huge empty space with nothing to do. The only thing worth while was the pool which was dirty and had a couple of huge crabs swimming in the water. Ughh! No way was I going back there. But there was no arguing with K, and so we all drove down with bags and bags of stuff. I seriously over-packed for the day trip envisaging all manner of probabilities. Once we reached there, we realized the only thing we actually needed was our pool kit.

The pool was awesome and we all had a blast and here are some pics to prove it.

You better get your sunglasses on, the water and the sky was the brightest and bluest.

The beautiful infinity pool

The beautiful infinity pool

There are actually two pools in the property. This infinity pool is the smaller one, and from the moment we saw it, we didn’t even think about checking out the other pool. We were so in love. It sounds rather naff to say this, but I’ve never actually swam in an infinity pool before, and to swim in one overlooking the beach? It felt like an expensive beach holiday in Bali or something.

The long drive to this resort lulled Piglet to sleep, so Snubnose and I took this opportunity to have some 1-1 pool-time. K and the rest of the gang huddled in the restaurant checking out the food options in the buffet lunch (unfortunately not impressive).

Snubnose and I were in heaven

Snubnose and I were in pool heaven

There was a pretty pink dolphin with us in the pool to give us company.

Fooling around with little pinkie

Fooling around with little pinkie

A little more pink dolphin, please

A little more pink dolphin, please

There’s also a jacuzzi right in the middle of the pool, and though it’s not meant for children, Snubnose waded in for just a quick photo-shoot.

In the jacuzzi

In the jacuzzi

After much more splashing around, we changed and went in to join the others for lunch. I don’t exactly remember what food was there, only that we were ravenously hungry and just pounced on anything edible. I remember a vague feeling of being disappointed with the taste of everything I tried, but too hungry to care or much or take snaps.

All the noise and ruckus finally woke up the Piglet. He was so amazed to wake up to this strange place. After having a very quick and very small bite (he was too interested in investigating everything around him), we went into the pool again.

Not too many shots unfortunately, we were busy checking to see he didn't swim off into the deep end

Not too many shots unfortunately, we were busy checking to see he didn’t swim off into the deep end

Snubnose thinks this pool was the best part of her summer vacation. I have to say I agree with her 🙂 .

Victory Sign from the Snubnose

Victory Sign from the Snubnose

We ended the evening with a game of chess on a giant chessboard.

Isn't this chessboard super-duper awesome?  I wish the chess pieces were a little more exotic though

Isn’t this chessboard super-duper awesome? I wish the chess pieces were a little more exotic though

Definitely the best day of our summer holidays, and something to look back with fond memories now that the everyday grind of school has started.

[title subtitle=”One Sad Remembrance”][/title]

While I enjoyed my time here, an old school friend was in my thoughts. He used to run this hotel. He passed away some time back of a shock heart attack right on this hotel property. All the time I was here, I couldn’t stop wishing that I had paid a visit once when he was alive. There were so many invitations extended, why hadn’t I taken advantage of it then? It would have been a great opportunity to catch up, and that chance is forever gone 🙁 .

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  • What an amazing time! So glad y’all got to do that, it looks really fun.


    The pool looks so lovely! Will definitely check this place when I visit Chennai.

    • Nishita

      @Avada@ashscerebrations; it’s a lovely place, definitely worth visiting, a little piece of paradise so close to our home 🙂

  • veens

    This was definitely AWESOME! SO so sorry to hear about ypour freind though!

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