Three Simple Ways to Live Outside the Box


Why be ordinary when you can be extraordinary? I have spent so much of my time just trying to be satisfied with everything that I never really considered standing out from the crowd. I fell into the tradition of doing the same old thing and wearing the same old clothes. I went through the same thing, day after day. In short, I was living in a self-created box.

It’s time to step out! And here are simple and brilliant ways to do it.


This seems like a simple word for a simple idea, but so many people forget to dream. Life gets the better of us all. We fall into our everyday routine, contained within our box, and forget that we once had a dream. It’s time to bring it back to life.

Bringing a dream back to life isn’t as hard as it sounds. All it takes is one act a day. If your dream is to write, write something each day. It doesn’t have to be much, as long as you are performing the act. If your dream is to create art, take some time today to go to the store and pick up the supplies. Take things one day at a time.

A dream doesn’t have to mean reaching the end of a road. If you fulfill one dream, find another.

Leave Home

Part of the fault for living in a box is our need to sit in the comfort of our homes. It’s understandable. Home is comfortable and familiar and we find peace in that. But staying at home is the reason we get caught in the same cycle day after day. It inhibits our ability to go out and find adventure. Instead we live vicariously through our television.

Before you sit on the sofa and settle in for the day, go out. You don’t have to know where you are going. Just get in your car or on your bike and turn corners until you find something interesting. This explorer ability creates adventure, stories, and excitement that you just can’t find at home. Resolve to live outside your box.

Treat Yourself (or Your Loved One)

While it’s important to not go too crazy when spending money (you don’t want to break your budget), it’s also just as important to treat yourself and the one you love. Everyone likes to be spoiled, and the easiest way to get out of the confinements of a box are by treating yourself to something extraordinary.

I’m not talking about going to your favorite store to buy a new outfit. I’m talking about going to a store you’ve never been in before and splurging on something unique. If you want to spoil the important person in your life, consider uncommon jewelry. Check out pink diamond engagement rings and prepare for the most unusual, romantic proposal you can. Or, buy the pink diamond for yourself!

Treat yourself and the one you love to keep from falling into ordinary routine.

Life happens when we aren’t looking. Don’t let it pass you by. Find a reason each day to step out of the box and make your ordinary life extraordinary.

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