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Travel has never been easier, both through the advent of a million and one guide books and more importantly, through technology. Every whim on your travel escapades can be eased with the use of one form of technology or another. So there’s never been a better time to start collecting stamps in that rather empty-looking passport.

It’s the marriage between mobile technology and the internet that has truly advanced travel as we know it. Only a decade ago, it was unheard of to use your mobile phone to help you navigate your way through the canals of Venice or the streets of Cairo. However, a 2014 tech-savvy traveler wouldn’t be caught dead without utilizing one of the various technological benefits that we all seem to carry in our pocket these days.

Smart phones and Wi-Fi have changed the game, so let’s have a look at how exactly technology has changed travel for the better:

  1. Google Maps

    Possibly the biggest game changer of them all. When GPS first came out 15 years ago, people mumbled that it would never catch on, and whilst they may have been correct that people aren’t
    going to carry yet another device around with them, they were sorely mistaken about the concept.

    Google Maps, a free portable GPS system allowing us to never get lost, is at everyone’s fingertips. All you need to do is simply download the map when you have an internet connection; then you can use it offline for the rest of the day – perfect.

  2. Skype

    Whether it’s a call to your loved ones, friends, or your pet dog, Skype has revolutionized international calling. No longer is a phone call to your bank, insurance company or internet provider a case of buying an international phone card and burning $30 on a 15 minute call. Log onto Skype on your tablet, smart phone or laptop and you’ll be calling anyone in the world for next to nothing. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

  3. Diary

    Although a beautiful leather-bound diary may make us feel both noble and important, there’s no denying how cumbersome it is. Not to mention scrambling for a pen all the time or the chance of forgetting or losing it, which would cause mayhem to your travel plans. No longer. The diary on your phone, which can sync to your email, will have all your well-laid plans saved in the cloud, ensuring you’re on time for every train, plane and meeting.

  4. Finances

    Dealing with finances overseas used to be an absolute nightmare, but no longer. With your laptop or smart phone, Trans-fast money transfer and the like are just a matter of a few clicks. You don’t need to worry endlessly about how to get money from A to B, how long it takes to transfer money, security checks and faxing birth certificates. The internet has finally put an end to that nonsense. Now it’s all about speed and efficiency.

  5. Twitter

    Do you wish you could just ask the world a question about somewhere/something? Well you can,on twitter. With the use of a choice hashtag or two and you’re all set. Best restaurant in Lima? Set. Best hotel in Tokyo? Responses in seconds. Now that’s a service worth using. And once again, it’s free.

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