A Taste of British Luxury for Indulgent Interiors


For a long time the world cast its envious eyes on the quality of British luxury interiors and furniture design. Britain has had a reputation across the world as one of the best developers of
furniture for centuries, all the way back to the Middle Ages. Impressive chairs, beautiful desks, peerless clocks – Britain was the envy of Europe and beyond.

Although the modern world is changing at a speed of knots, quality never changes and hence Britain has maintained this wonderful legacy. While it is true that you can source amazing interior
products from all around the world – often for a very cheap price – the proof of the pudding, as they say, is in the eating. And still to this day nothing tastes of quality like British luxury craftsmanship.

British beds were one of the first things to truly make waves around the world. If a bed had come from the British Isles, you wanted your peers to be aware of it. The sheer virtue of the fact that
it was sourced and built in the UK meant the quality was unrivaled, and the price reflects that accordingly. To this day British beds are some of the most sought-after on the globe. Vi-Spring,
for example, are still producing hand-made, luxury high-end beds selling to clients across the globe. Their reach is so well established that they can also be sourced in the US.

A rocking chair is another wonderful example of a luxurious, traditional piece of furniture which can seamlessly fit into a house of any design. It can be used in its traditional sense for a child or an elderly person to soothe them to sleep. However, it can be placed strategically in any social area, creating a level of character difficult to match anywhere else. Regardless of how modern
your house is, a well-placed rocking chair is difficult to match for class, usability and looks.

Finally, another British piece of luxury that people across the ages have sought after is a chaise lounge. Although originating in France, the UK has all but claimed ownership over this
wonderful ‘long chair’. The British aristocracy would not consider a bedroom fully equipped without this wonderful addition. To this day people who are looking to add a touch of British class,
along with modern usability, place this item at the end of their bed with pride.

British interior design can be a difficult atmosphere to pull off in a house. It requires much forethought and should never be rushed. We need plenty of traditional items dotted around without going over the top. In a modern world we need to mix that with sharper lines, but also we must be aware of the balance between the two. Lush colors, rich woods and ornate carvings are essential if you truly wish to pull off the British luxury feel, so be sure to source as many relevant pieces as possible. And remember, British interior design does not come cheap, but it is worth every penny.

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